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Some rides are better than others, ooh err missus sounds a bit rude!


Ingredients such as sunshine, going with friends, having a day or two off from a boring or hard job can all make for an amazing journey, they donít happen too often so when the sun comes out and your sat astride a scooter heading through breathtaking country side on the way to a sea side resort for a do, well it donít get much better than that.


I set off on a sun drenched Saturday morning grinning like a Cheshire cat, I was on my way across the Pennines to Blackpool for the Blackpool Lambretta Owners Club do prior to the Lancashire Alliance ride out, up and through Blackpoolís front.


The distance from my house to Blackpool is 88 miles and for this I would normal jump onto my Vespa 250 GTS and calve this distance up like a knife through butter but today the sun was shining on my shoulders and my Lambretta GP was begging for a run out.


I took the usual spares with me cables, bulbs, plugs and spanners but my AA card was nestled snugly in my wallet should I need to take the ride of shame. Just as I rode past Tintwistle in the High Peak district my throttle cable snapped, no problem, I will replace in a thrice and continue on my quest but as the best laid plans of mice and men, I had two clutch cables and no throttle and yes school boy error.


The man with the yellow van fetched me a cable but I had been sat at the side of the road for nearly two and a half hours! Soon I was on my way and soon I arrived at The Co-op club in Blackpool. The set up was small but very well organised and run with a scooter mechanic on site, stalls and petrol station  just across the street. Cash points, off license and more fast food joints than I have ever seen in one place, heaven for lard arses like me!


Simon Westway had arrived and pitched up by the goal posts and Damage n Dena had already set up camp. Geordie Steve with his help the Heroís Scooter and stall was in attendance, Steve Harrison and Big Tony where flying the flag. Dai from The BFSC and Sapper Baz and Ellen from The HMFSC had set up tents and where ready to party.


Tent up beer in hand and over to Geordie Steve, Geordie had raised a staggering 289 pounds from this event and itís great to know that our troops are remembered and supported by so many people. We all got scoffed up and scrubbed up for the ensuing party.  Blackpool Lambretta Owners Club had secured a great little venue with wooden dance floor, superb DJ equipment and a live band that turned out to be a unexpected treat playing a superb set of scooterist tunes, I was pleasantly surprised considering the band was a last minute replacement for a band that had let the club down.


Damage had arrived with his exceptional box of records and we both DJíd throughout the night enjoying every second and it was great to have vinyl at an event rather than a firkin laptop or CDís!


The whole evening was graced with a warm summer air that just set the pace and chilled every one out, the camp site just behind the venue was full of people kicking back and enjoying them selves with families and BBQís. Out side and to the front of the venue there was a large car park that had turned into a speak easy and people drifted from inside to out visiting the burger bar and mingling with the beautiful people.


The atmosphere was excellent and the evening went without a hitch. The only minor blip was a small camp fire that had been lit on the football field but this was soon extinguished with only a minor hand bag swinging session, it didnít escalate and it didnít spoil any ones fun.


Morning came all too soon and boy oh boy was it a different scene. The weather gods where not pleased and a miserable dank day greeted us with wet stuff, the stuff that can magically find its way into your under pants and socks leaving your face pulling lemony expressions each time you sit down or walk.


Quite a few of the further traveled scooterists ditched the ride out favoring a head start home and trying to beat the weather. All in all it was a excellent scooter weekend, small, cheap and far away from the corporate face of the bigger brighter events.


Thank you to the Blackpool Lambretta owners club.