Blackpool Soul Weekender

Wilson, Frank – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) (Soul) (£15,000)

Cheese and Divvies? Well before I proceed to report on the Blackpool Soul Weekender I think we need to understand what is meant by “Cheese and Divvies”


When some one refers to “Cheesy” Northernsoul they are usually making reference to the middle of the road, played safe “hand bag” Northern that fills yer local soul night chocka block every weekend so Jim and Barbara can relax with a beer and listen to the music of their youth club days. Now this has become quite fashionable to say this on the Northernsoul scene especially by those who pride themselves on the quest for rare grooves. Remember that there are many rooms in the church of Northernsoul.


“Divvies”, well this was the derogatory name for “Jim and Barbara” and for people who “didn’t know their stuff”



No we come to Blackpool and a dilemma….. The snob could easily use words like Cheese and Divvies because the music played in the main room could be heard by playing any Casino related CD and there were defo people getting excited about the music playing i.e. “Divvies”. The only floor in this analogy is that every track playing was a vinyl original played by the original Disc Jockey who discovered the track in the first place so we now move well away from Cheese and Divvies and move on up to a higher plain of being. I mean “Bloody hell this was Wigan Casino!”

Baker, Yvonne – You Didn’t Say a Word (Parkway) (£300 – official issue)

The DJ line was the “who’s who” of Northernsoul, the only two missing was Russ Winstanley and Ian Levine but the rest of the “Northernsoul Monsters” were there!

Legend, Tobi – Time Will Pass You By (Amy) (£300 – official issue)

We had booked into a small BnB on the Friday night, Craig and Kathleen had driven eight hours solid from Aberdeen, Craig not being able to set off until 1600hrs on the Friday. Myself, Carol and Jane had the more leisurely drive of an hour and half as we live just the other side of Manchester.

Britt, Mel – She’ll Come Running Back (FIP) (£600 – official issue/£800 – demo)

Our soulful adventurers entered the Tower Ball Rooms at about midnight Friday; the wow factor of this venue can not be overstated. Cathedral like in size with chandeliers an oak panelling  we had three rooms to choose from, it was like Wigan Casino, no not the real, almost derelict building, but kinda heaven’s interpretation of it.

Checkerboard Squares – Double Cookin’ (Villa) (£300)

First job was to hang The AFSC Banner; this was ceremoniously placed over the balcony, I wonder if any one photographed it? Next was to stake our little piece of turf, trying to get near the dance floor was impossible and all the tables were taken hours ago. We opted for a nook close to the record collectors and as it turned out this was a superb spot as the carpet lent it’s self as a dance floor (the main floor being jam packed all weekend) and we were relatively close to the bar!

Checker, Chubby – You Just Don’t Know (What You Do to Me) (Parkway) (£350)

Clinton, Larry – She’s Wanted (Dynamo) (£1,500 – official issue/£1,000 – demo)

The complete weekend passed at the blink of an eye, I can honestly not remember a better time at a Northernsoul venue. We met mad frank from Glasgow, a fellow ex serviceman whom we had met during The IOW. A steady flow of scooterists and of course the run of known faces who start with a nod of the head, progress to a hand shake and end as good friends cemented with the bond of the soul scene.

Pride, Lou – I’m Comun’ Home in the Mountain (Suemi) (£1,000)

I spent the whole weekend dancing, I know I looked like a little middle aged fat bloke wobbling about but in my mind I was transported to a by gone day were I was 16 again and over come by the best music ever to happen…………. Sweet soul music.

Michael and Raymond – Man Without a Woman (RCA Victor) (£300 – demo)

Top weekend, top music, top friends and we will defo be there next year.

Simon Cuerden.

Woods, Billy – Let Me Make You Happy (Sussex) (£2,000)


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