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2007 Rally Dates
Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me
you can't beat the memories you gave-a me
Take one fresh and tender kiss
Add one stolen night of bliss
One girl, one boy
Some grief, some joy
Memories are made of this
look back at 2007
Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me
you can't beat the memories you gave-a me
  Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me  
  you can't beat the memories you gave-a me  
  Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me  
  you can't beat the memories you gave-a me  
  Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me  
  you can't beat the memories you gave-a me  
  Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me  
  you can't beat the memories you gave-a me  
  you can't beat the memories you gave-a me
  Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me  

An AFSC Members story from Bish aged seven


2007 so far has been a mixed bag of, a failed marriage, ending relationships and a brushes with the law. To cheer myself up I bought me a new scoot! I was happy as the proverbial pig (the pink and porky type) until I seized said scoot on the M25 whilst travelling at 85mph!! Massive thank you to the priest that was following me for not driving over the top of me, and apologies to the priest for the two other cars that went up your jacksie, oops!


So to cheer myself up (again) I decided to head off alone to the Modrapheniacs do in Sandford. Top weekend, it was great to meet all the AFSC Southern Div lads and Lassies at last. I was on top form after many pints of overpriced lager at the bar, it was then back to Dickie Two Coats van to watch the rugby. Even happier (I am Welsh!) after taking money of Dave Day Release and Dickie it was off to meet the Confederates SC, sorry cant remember any of you, but it was Dave’s fault, he gave me your port!! The rest of Saturday passed and I can’t remember a fookin thing! I had sorted out a crash with Daz the Dog in his van/kennel, but strangely enough I couldn’t find it due to my drunken stupor, so I had to make do with a bush (good job I am survival trained.) All too soon it was time to leave, it was a top do with some top people (except Plenty, cos he kept touching me on my pants!)

The next weekend was the Peanut Duck Custom Show and Parts Fair in Milton Keynes, so off I went to stay the night with Dickie in Biscester, with the intention of a few beers on Saturday night and an early ride to MK on one of Dickies fleet the next morning. What no one had told me was that I would be allowed to drink until really late as the clocks changed that night. So, with some female interest I stayed in the pub supping ale and brandy until the wee small hours. Didn’t get lucky, so I headed off back to Dickies for a well earned kip. When I got there, however, I couldn’t negotiate the child gate in the kitchen, so I curled down with the pups on the kitchen floor. Bright and breezy Pete turned up ready for the off.


Now, anyone who knows me can guess what happened next!! I had a small accident (fully clothed) so our departure was delayed until my clothes were laundered (Note to self: take spare jeans when you intend boozing) no time to dry them, the T5 method was employed; luckily it was a lovely sunny day and a fine way to dry your levis. A brilliant ride to MK and a mince about the custom show and the trade stands followed, a few bargains, a loving glance at the custom scoots and it was time to head back to Dickies for a Sunday roast.

The next weekend was time for the annual AFSC (Germany) Easter ride out, so bags packed and it was off to Paderborn for the weekend.

I got picked up at the airport at 1900hrs and was in the pub by 1930hrs, cheers for the lift Weggers. It was great to see all my mates from Germany and many beers and schnapps followed! It must have been a good night cos I cant remember any of it. Then it was time for the ride out, approximately 90 scooters met up at Dempsey Barracks ready for the off, TV cameras and local press everywhere, it was brilliant, as I wasn’t riding it was time for my first beer of the day when we stopped at the first pub! BRILLIANT!!! A cheque for 1400 euros was presented to a forces charity and off we went, the weather was brilliant and heads were turning everywhere as The AFSC with over 100 scooters destroyed the peace around the local area. All too soon the ride out was over and it was time to get ready for the nighter. I chose to warm-up for this by sitting in the pub with The AFSC Germany crew, Rob The Mod Rudy, Steve, Mick, John and Uggy. Beers were drunk, banter was exchanged and the makings of a top night were on the cards. Time to get changed and back to the do. About 400 people making the effort to get to the Winter garden.

Back in the UK and time for a quick shower and shave and it was off oop north for the Scarborough Rally.

We all met up at AFSC HQ,  Simon Cuerdens house on the Friday morning where I promptly demolished their 200 year old dry stone wall that had been constructed by the early northerners, Oops sorry Carol. Me, Daz the Dog and Bagzy, with my scoot still off the road, I was driving the support car, unfortunately Daz’s Wise Guys had blown its oversized piston rings and was off the road, as it was Good Friday the chances of getting any were slim, so I had a co driver! Off we went into the steady stream of holiday traffic and headed for Scarborough, fookin brilliant, as we neared the resort we were being joined by a steady stream of scooterists all heading for a top weekend! We arrived at the RV and were soon joined by many more faces. What an absolutely superb weekend, can’t remember much about it but for me one of the highlights was all the AFSC members I met over the weekend and shared many beers with. That, and of course the visit to the Scary Place on Scarborough sea front, where I was scared shitless by Chris Brown doing a veritable impression of a dinosaur!!
A couple of weeks later and Bagzy put out an invitation for visit to the Suvvern Div Tavern, I scrounged a scoot from Gaz Powell and set off on the 60 minute ride to Pompey. Four hours later I arrived after heat seizing Gazs’ scoot twice on the way down, a brandy and coke or seven were thrust into my mitt and were soon swishing about my guts causing me to act the fool on Bagzys trampoline!! I feel I must apologise to his neighbour, (a lone wife whose husband was at sea) for waking her up bouncing naked in the garden. Actually, her husband had been away while so she probably enjoyed it. An outstanding way to spend a bank holiday weekend!! Thanks lads for a top time.


Next on the calendar was Margate, I had planned to combine this with the annual army v the navy rugby match however, the British Transport Police had other ideas. I was involved in a minor fracas on waterloo station, after an incident on the train involving a toilet, some paper and a stranger who thought he was a stand-up comedian. Nuff said.
The next one on the agenda was the Southport rally, I was looking forward to this as a mob of the Paderborn Cloud 9ers were inbound I got there a bit later than the rest and started playing catch-up, it wasn’t long before I was way out in front!!! Brilliant night’s entertainment on both nights. Saturday came and it was time to hit the town and sample the local delights. We soon planted ourselves outside a pub on the seafront and drank the afternoon away, when we got back to the venue, Simon, Dai and Spenny had turned up, the evenings entertainment was fantastic, both outside the Birkenhead Cloud 9 Chalet and inside. I spent most of the night prancing about wearing a blond mullet wig and a pork pie hat. I was also the self confessed best dancer at the do! This is mainly due to my ability to switch modes between some classy soul sliding to some stompy skanking, I can even wreck quite well, although I usually end up break dancing when I try it.
I cant remember what came next, I think it was Camber Sands, again a top weekend. From the Jam were scheduled to play on the Saturday night so the place was jammers! To many names and faces to list but you all know who you are, Uggy and Jeanette kindly put me up in their chalet and I was on my best behaviour! I was shown to my chalet by some 12 year olds (it was easy for them they were sober!) who took great amusement in pointing this out to me the next day. Saturday night and From the Jam were amazing, what made it better was that I had seen the Who and Weller in the weeks before the rally. At the end of the night I stumbled off to bed after a self induced projectile vomiting incident, only to be rudely wakened by my host and hostess drawing all over me!! This is against all the rules as I was in bed! So I got my own back by leaving them a message in said bed!! Ha-ha that’ll teach you both!

Shortly after that adventure it was time to head off to the Shed Weekender! What a weekend, I rode across to Basildon on the Saturday morning, only to find Daz, Carl and Jeanette already in place and setting up for the weekend, beer tokens in hand and a few crates purchased from the nearby TESCO's and the day was shaping up nicely, some quality entertainment in the form of the Shed Babes as well as the ongoing talent contest (musical) in the marquee. My dancing skills suffered somewhat here though. Its hard to look good dancing in a field!! There were plenty of limping scooterists on Sunday morning!! Definitely one of my favourite rallies of the year!
I really need to see a shrink I am losing my marbles! I cant for the life of me remember where this one came in order. Doesn’t really matter though, it was the trip to the Exmouth National, and I must say the SWSCs had done a fine job, I made the journey down with Rodders and Muz Murray, quite and emotional all weather ride down the A303 getting buzzed by caravans all the way. We paused for a photo shoot at Stonehenge and then paused at Paul Reynolds house for some well earned bacon rolls! The weather brightened and we joined in the steady stream of scoots heading for Exmouth, a fantastic ride in on the last few miles through the windy, tree lined undulating lanes, this was commando country! Definitely easier to negotiate on a scooter though! The weather was amazing all weekend, the company great, and the laughs at Rodders inability to mix his drinks was legendary. A bit of recruiting followed in the pubs due to people spotting the patch and coming for a chat, and some friendships with other clubs well and truly forged. I do like a bit of Exmouth.


Again my memory is lapsing as we get closer to the present day, its all the banging my head against walls I think! Of course, next up was the IOW. I had arranged to meet Simon Cuerden at the stadium on Thursday, top move! I got to the ferry port in Southampton and met up with Ozzie from the Salford Knights who had ridden all the way from Manchester on his combo!! After a chat and a smoke we were ushered to join the lanes, I don’t know why, but Ozzie and I were the only scooterists in our lane, we were surrounded by Greasy Bikers!! They came over for a chat and were in awe at the distances covered on our scooters! On to the island and the stadium beckoned, no need to write anything about it but the AFSC was well represented all weekend even winning prizes at the VFM custom show. For me the bit that stands out is when Simon spotted a mod taking an interest in Muz Murrays scooter, “That’s for sale mate,” says Simon, “Really? How much?” asks the mod, his eyes lighting up. “Only £500 mate” quips Simon “I really need a quick sale”. I must add that the scooter is an immaculate LI150 nut and bolt restoration, and the pride and joy of the owners fleet! The mod wanders off scratching his feather cut and wondering whether anyone would lend him the money. A while passed and Simon forgot about his offer, when out of the blue comes the mod with some mates, to kick the tyres, prod and poke the scooter and whisper the words ‘bargain” and ‘snap his hand off’ repeatedly, excitement building in their eyes! Their faces were priceless when Simon remembered his offer and had to come clean! All too soon it was time to go home and recover, but what a fookin weekend, top times, top mates! I feel I must apologise though for my constant Tony Blackburning and frequent cone calls!

It saddened me to leave the IOW but that was soon forgotten as I was on my way to Carls combined birthday and pre Mersea warm up party. Loads made the effort and thanks to Carl for the hospitality, not sure what the neighbours made of it though! Big respect to Sue Boon for making the journey all the way from deepest darkest ‘Oop North!’ on a 50! Then it was time for a greasy fry up and off to Mersea island “time and tide wait for no man”. On arrival at the site the AFSC area had been cordoned off and a 12 x 12 erected in the corner to mark the site by Gaz the Gnome. Camp Splashdown soon filled up with members from all over the country and even Germany. What a weekend! Kilts, lager, nurses, lager, club ride out to breakfast, Carl winning fun games, Craig winning custom shows, Rob the Rudy immacing his wedding vegetables, the AFSC RMP det setting up OPs, face painting, lager, more kilts and nurses, Tony Blackburn, nurses kilts and lager, chatting about the old times and looking forward to the new, Brilliant!
Woolacombe was next on the list of things to do and off we went, with Gaz the Gnome driving away from the destination so that he could take my bags, what a bloke! The ride there was the best and safest I have ever had to a rally, Gaz in front in the van and Karen behind me on her big girls bike (CB500) acting as a blocker. At woolly we were met by Johno, Chris and Claire, D2C, Steve Marsh, Robbo and many, many, more. I helped inter club relations by partaking in a game of “Gay Chicken” with other men, first one to pull away from the imminent snog is a gayer! Seemed like a good idea at the time. Another fantastic rally under the belt.

Just to round off the year was the winter warmer at Hemsby, a lot of people opted to go by car for this one! Not I, said the Bish, but I wished I had as once the sun went down it was brass monkeys! Needn’t have worried though, I received a warm welcome, as ever, on my arrival and was soon playing catch up, again! I soon drew level and overtook a lot of the early starters, resulting in a comedy of errors trying to get to bed! Once again, the Chelmsford boys did us proud and the AFSC were out in force! The way home from Hemsby summed up the spirit of friendship amongst scooterists for me. Karens scoot heat seized causing the back wheel to lock, how she held it up, fully laden and with her daughter on the back, I will never know. We waited in a layby for her scoot to cool down before we got on our way. A people carrier pulled into the layby and out jumped a jolly fella from the Coasters SC on his way to do his weekly big shop. He offered to go back and get his trailer and said he would help us get back on the road at his garage. Fooking Brilliant!

And what a note to end this review of my year on. 2007 has been my first year of scootering in the UK for what seems like an eternity, but what a welcome back! I would like to say a huge heartfelt thanks to all the
AFSC and the people that have helped me make this year so great, without you, I don’t think it would have been half as good. It would have been ok cos I can party anywhere, but you lot made it fooking brilliaaaaaaaaaaant! Bring it on AFSC 2008, lets see what you have got in store!



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