The British Forces Bash

By Robert Ayers

From Issue 36 of Scootering October 1988

Did you know that the 2nd D-Day landings took place on Friday 19th August 1988, at Rayleigh in Essex? It's true tell ya!...Members of the RAF, Navy and Army, all swarmed to this little town (or the Pink Toothbrush to be precise), for The British Forces Scooter Club special bash. Yes the Toothbrush was to be the venue for the nights knees up, and as usual Scootering had donated a few prizes, they got a few complimentary tickets in return. Good old Mr. Brown sent down a couple for me and the Mrs, so it was grab the box-brownie and off we go!

The British Forces Scooter Club like many other clubs this year, has decided to donate the money raised at the do, to the Great Ormond St. Appeal, so a good turn out was essential. When we arrived, at about 8.00pm, the place was pretty empty, so I decided to take the golden opportunity to get to the bar, before it became too over crowded. But wait, where was the bar? Ah yes, hidden behind the somewhat large carcass of the afore mentioned Gareth Brown! Who had already started the drinking ritual for the night. He informed me that earlier in the evening, the place was swarming with police, checking for suspicious looking packages, as you are no doubt aware, the British Forces are getting real heavy shit recently, and as this do had national coverage, the police were taking no chances.

BFB.ht2.jpg (164340 bytes)

Slowly people started coming in through the doors, and in no time people were up dancing away to the sounds being played by the various DJ's who catered for every ones taste in music. This went on until later in the evening, when every one gathered around the stage for the party games. First of all in the evening first of all they got three lads up on the stage, who each had to hang an apple around their neck on a bit of string. So what I hear you say. It was a long bit of string...belive me. then three girls got up on stage, knelt down in front of each of the lads, and then had to eat the apple off the string without using their hands to hold it steady. If you saw the look on the lads faces, and you didn't know it was an apple they were chewing in, it looked totally perverse!!!

Then they got three girls up on stage, but soon they jumped off again when they found out it was the good old wet T-shirt competition...boring! Fun and games over with, it was back to dancing, chatting, and getting totally rat arsed!

BFB.ht1.jpg (96932 bytes)

There probably would have been more people if it hadn't been the Morecambe rally the following weekend, and it would have left a few people short of cash. Even so, a good 250 people turned up, and they all seamed to have a good time. About 300 was raised for GOSH Appeal, which made the night an even bigger success, even though we didn't get to see any wet tits.

Sadly it was time to say our good byes, and go home so we left Gareth in a paralytic state (so tell us something new!) and looked forward to our next visit to the Pink Toothbrush.

Robert Ayers