the old guard in Belgium
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We set off from Gt Yarmouth 2300hrs down to Ramsgate. Delivered a rebuilt TV200 engine on route to a customer who meet us at a service station on the A2 at 04.00 hrs which is not a bad time to do a deal I suppose? Good ride down really with no problems at all.

After a 4 hour crossing to Oostende we was off an running towards Brussels and round the ring road where we managed to lose two but after a 2 hour wait and a friendly conversation with the ole bill we was all together again. Got to Liege Dave Mc Cloulough now knows not to shut the throttle off when going down a fookin big hill. Put the tents up an off to the pub in town. We found a nice quite pub an this lasted for about 30 mins when the ole lads decided we need a sing song bloody good stuff then it was time to leave coz the landlord wants to go bed at 02.00 hrs so it's off to the camp site but on the way there's another pub open so it's off in there.Trudster latch's onto a women/bloke thing at the bar an I proceed to stick 25 euros in the juke box coz it has every fookin Who record on it. The rest is a bit of a blur coz now it's 06.00 hrs and i am back at the camp site where i see craig the blitz trying to find his way in an Dave holding hands with Truddy coz he can't find his tent.

So now it's on the pop. We go back to the tent for a couple of bottles of Brandy and some cases of cider an bring them down to the do. Yahoo. Sunday we gets up and it's off to Yepres for the last post which as always is very moving but always a worthwhile visit. Monday we sets off for Oostende and thats when it happened! Daves scoot shoots across the traffic lights mounts the kerb and he's off down the pavement on full tilt legs flailing in the wind the postman throws his bike and letters in the ditch to get out of the way shouting MAD MAD MAD to which Dave's shouting back i can't stop the fooker .Although we was concerned for his safety it was the best thing I had seen on a rally for years fookin priceless. Dave Mc Coulough's 1st rally and 1st Lambretta at 66 years old he does 785 miles every fookin inch loads of Respect to the man.

Sergeant Major Yogi sir was relegated to back up van driver on account our original driver couldn't make it at the last minute but was a priceless member of our team coz he awarded Truddy 500 lashes on the gun wheel. Other members of our team were Andy Saggers [world famous DJ] of GS Scooters and his mrs Sandra who had to help Saggers out when he had a fight with the marquee upright. All in all a good rally with good company what more do you need?