the AFSC SD Christmas Bash

By Simon Cuerden (aged seven)

There is a perceived cultural divide between the North and the South. “It’s Grim up North” and Southern life as faceless and bland, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Mary Poppins, Jellied Eels and “doin the Lambeth walk……oi!” all conjure up clichés of “Darn Sarf”, but The SD of The AFSC have certainly earned the respect of the club with their hard corps attitude and ubiquitous presence on the runs.

 Chim Chim Chiree Chim Chiroo! Chim Chim Chiminy Chim Chim Chiree Chim Chiroo...

Some time ago Dave Plent told me that he wanted a name for the AFSC  members in the South of England so they could rally for the do's and scooter runs. This gave me palpitations and I honestly thought this was going to herald the end of The AFSC. The fact was that there was a small but dedicated group in this area flying the AFSC flag at every major scootering event down in deepest darkest South showed that this was not just a whimsical flight of fancy.

A massive AFSC thank you to The Pompey Scooter Scene Forum
for not calling the police when I stole these pictures :-)
Me ol' bam-boo, me ol' bam-boo You'd better never bother with me ol' bam-boo.

On Friday I took the long and boring drive "darn sarf" to Portsmouth wiping the tears from my eyes as Yorkshire and my beautiful North disappeared in the rear view mirror. My destination was Bagzy’s house were I would be crashing for the night.

Consider yourself at home. Consider yourlef one of the familhy.

Dave, ably assisted by Gaz the over Grown Scooter Gnome, had organized a Christmas party with a budget of zero! A special mention has to go to Gaz for sorting out the raffle. He approached all the major players on the scooter scene and got some exellent raffle prises, well done mate!

The price to get into the party was £5, yup five English pounds. Now lets for a moment consider what £5 buys in the South of England, “fish n chips”, “a kebab” “packet of fags?” “Two pints” ….. Not a bleedin lot!

AFSC  SD managed to get the use of The Independents Motorcycle Club “Club house”, an old fort, part of the seventy forts and fortresses for the defence of naval harbours - nicknamed "Palmerston Follies. The venue was atmospheric and completely self contained with a dance area, sleeps, a cheep bar and secure parking.

Under the table you must go - Ee-i-ee-i-ee-i-oh!

The Independents Motorcycle Club were stars and made us all feel very welcome.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by “Northern Ray”, Ray’s brother was tragically killed in Cypress whilst serving with 12 (there’s that regiment again) Regt RA. Ray kindly DJ’d the whole evening free of charge and for this we thank him and offer the position of associate membership!!

Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard!

I have to keep harping on about the price, included in this was a buffet! Sandwiches (of these I think I scoffed half) crisps, nachos, salad (what ever the f*ck that is?) and the usual cold buffet.

My arrival at Bagzy’s gaff was greeted with a cold wet one from the
AFSC SD Tavern now an AFSC institution. We were shortly joined by Gaz then Blocky, followed by Dave and Jeff the Welsh Man arriving cold and wet by Scooters. Daz as usual was traveling down by Scooter and was fending off the elements on the run from London on his T5.

Truly Scrumptious

Dia Ransom was in the UK and took time out to join in the festivities, Dickie Two Coats and Dee along with their daughter and friends from Oxford arrived looking like “Sting” and Chris Brown and “Rose” Claire joined the party. Jay, Pete 69 and Dancing Pete along with all the Guys n Gals of The Pompey Scooter Scene.

The evening went remarkably well with the dance floor only really being used by three drunken
AFSC members who decided to wreck to king Kurt “Humm diddle eeh doo dah dooh dah hey”.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile! Smile! Smile!

Kudos to Dave Plent for laying out the initial monies and doing all the leg work, I am looking forward now to the AFSC Northern Div 2007 pre season do.

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