Andrew Spiers

1 ..... Andrew Spiers (Andy or Spunky)
2 .... 21 in mind 41 in body (020471)
3 .... Leicester
4 .... Ex  Royal Scots Dragoons
5 .... Dumped the bitch and now living with my partner Nicky, i have my lad Josh (19) and my son Benj (12)
6 .... I go wabbit hunting with my air rifles, walking my dogs, xbox 360 battlefield 3 freak and sometimes a spot of fishing.
7 .....I own a Douglas Vespa 125 cc (1985)
8 .... Army stole my youth.......School Discos? lol
9 .... Harrys' place in Hinckley, Scooter Rallies and any club with a live band on.
10 .... i love my scooter only been to 2 rallies but i'll be honest the ones i loved seem to be all from AFSC love the chop that's a skelewag, H4H that i saw in Burton and anything that looks military, saw a cool one with poppies and spitfires..
11 ..... most of it is crap, i like WATCHING Cheryl Cole and Rhianna if that counts, Eminem, plan B and Black eyed peas are ok.
12 .... Plan B, Best of Ska and Best of Dire Straits
13 .... Plan B
14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island Cheryl

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert Island with.....Louie Spence (dancing on ice judge)
16 .... Pet dog hates door to door salesman and so do i.
17.....Best dealer the horny chick down my local casino ;-)
18.....Worst dealer experience....bought a Calibra of a dealer from the village with my pension lump sum 3 weeks later engine blows, wouldn't give me my money back, welcome to the Village oh by the way that's dodgy Harry don't ever buy a car from him ;-)
19.....How did you find out about the
AFSC? 1st saw you at bangers n mash
20....Who the f#@k wrote this? dunno fella