Andrew Miller

1 .... Andrew Miller (usually known as Andy)

2 .... 70 (26 July 1945)

3 .... Weymouth, Dorset

4 …. Ex Army

5 .... Married to Jennifer. 2 daughters (Sally & Kate, both grown up and left home). 4 grandchildren (Charlotte, Polly, Maxwell, Samuel). 1 great grandchild (Isabella). Maxwell has recently passed out as a Royal Marine Commando. Kate is married to Rob who served in the Devon and Dorsets until medically discharged after being accidentally shot when on exercise in Canada.

6 .... Hobbies other than soul/Scootering — Amongst other things I collect vintage car mascots. Restore vintage “gadgets” — steam engines, etc.

7 … 1957 Lambretta LD150 Mk3 (known as Kermit). 1960 Triumph Tigress TS1 (hasn’t got a name yet, but The Bitch is high on the list due to the problems I’m having with it). 1994 Honda Helix CN250 (known as Darth Vader).

8 .... 3 Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the past…. Sorry, but never been to any unless you count Hastings during the late 1960’s.

9 .... Favourite Soul/Scootering events/venues of the present…. Sorry, but never been to any (but I do enjoy the Thursday night ride-outs with the Lowriders during the summer months).

10 .... 5 Favourite Scooters Custom or model …………. No favourites — I like them all.

11 .... 5 Favourite present sounds…. Our kids chattering and talking to us.

12 .... 3 Favourite albums…. Don’t have any favourites.

13 .... Favourite non soul/Scooter/Mod singer/group…. As above.

14 .... Person you would like to be stranded on a dessert Island with…………. My wife — I’m getting too old for it to be anyone else (and she is a bloody good cook).

15 .... Person you wouldn't like to be stranded on a dessert Island with…. Mother in Law.

16 .... Pet hates…. Mother in Law.

17.....Best dealer — Haven’t really got one, but Cambridge usually come up trumps when I need something for Kermit.

18.....Worst dealer experience — Never actually had a problem with a dealer.

19.....How did you find out about the
AFSC? — Trolling about on the internet.