AFSC events have guide lines This is how you voted
Should future AFSC events have guide lines?
Answers Votes Percent
No every thing is fine as it is now 12 5%
Yes we need sensible guide lines 231 94%
No opinion 2 1%
Total Votes: 245

First and foremost we as the AFSC enjoy the odd beer or three in the company of other members and our many friends in other clubs. In the past some absolutely fantastic AFSC Dos have been organised sensibly and responsibly ensuring that the good name and reputation of The AFSC stays in tact.

To ensure this continues in the spirit of our club a set of guidelines or protocols have been drawn up for reference.

These are in no particular order of merit and as you can appreciate it is impossible to legislate for every contingency.

What is this guidance about?

This guidance explains the acceptable procedure for
AFSC Members who wish to organise under the AFSC Banner.

The event must be organised and promoted exclusively to raise money for the benefit of a charity.

We do not associate our selves with any religious, political, racial, commercial or illegal organisations.

When considering an event you should post all available information on our forum including money targets, numbers, location, date and the nature of the event. There must be total clarity and transparency from start to end. We must know who is planning, who is making the decisions and what mechanism is being used for decision making.

All funds generated are to be open for inspection and scrutiny with all profits less expenses going: 50% to The British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association  and 50% to the local community.

If any
AFSC Member disapproves of the event they must make their comments known on the forum with reasons why.

Appropriate health and safety, insurance, OPSEC and security measures are to be considered.

Check whether your event will clash with another. Check the venue's terms and conditions before signing a contract.

Peter Kay's phoenix nights - send the buggers back sketch was brilliant, make sure you vet the entertainment

Lets all appreciate that amongst us we have many
AFSC members who are still serving with all the sensitivities this brings.

AFSC name and reputation is not to be used as a money making tool. The use of The name The Armed Forces Scooter Club and the logo AFSC is not to be assumed.

This is not intended to tie any ones hands this is to protect both the club and the organiser. Please refrain from a full frontal attack on me, I am trying my best here I promise. If there is some thing here you don't like or some thing missing then just let me know. I freely admit to not knowing all the answers, we will get there together.

Yours Simon Cuerden


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