Hidden Power Run 2007
By Dave Gibbs

Since its foundation in 1990, the Hidden Power SC has become one of the best known and most respected clubs in Germany. This year the club had opted for a change from its popular and successful custom show weekender and decided to organise a run in the Sauerland area of Germany. This is a very picturesque area of the country and very popular with bikers due to gently winding and undulating roads and some beautiful scenery. A chance conversation in his petrol station had lead to one of the club’s members Marco finding a venue called ‘Gut Haarbecke’, a purpose built venue that hosts large parties, music gigs and festivals throughout the year. It was a perfect location to hold the scooter run and, even though there was still a lot of preparation behind getting the whole thing together, it was refreshing to see a total lack of the obligatory marquee!

The run began for me on the Thursday as Julie (my wife) and I had been invited out for a meal with Marcus from the HPSC and decided it would be good to go a day early to enjoy the peace and quite. The calm before the storm you could say. We set off mid-afternoon on a very hot day with Julie following me in the car. I’d chosen a cross country route as riding on Autobahns is never a pleasant experience and would have actually been a longer ride. Apart from getting completely lost in Dusseldorf and the throttle cable popping out of the headset housing, it was a good ride to the venue although how Map 24 calculated a 2 hour ride is a mystery! Try 4 hours and you’d have been closer. Having arrived safely we set up the tent and had a chat with the club members who were busy preparing for the weekend. Marcus had found a restaurant that was open after 8 pm (well we were in the middle of the countryside!) so after a quick wash and brush up we made our way into the local village. The food was fantastic and after the meal we headed back to the run site where we all sat round a fire in the open ear chatting and drinking. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Friday was a warm and sunny day and I thought of all the Scooterists heading for the run enjoying the ride and the weather. Marcus came up with an idea to stop my throttle cable un-attaching itself on the way home and we set about putting his ‘get-you-home-botch’ in place. It transpired that the throttle cable was too short and it was that that was causing the problem. Guess what’s top of my shopping list! I must thank Marcus for his company and the assistance with the botch which, incidentally, worked perfectly. As the afternoon began we sat watching the scooters arrive and soon the site began to fill with tents and our peace was shattered. With the arrivals came the start of the meetings with old friends and the making of new acquaintances, something that continued through most of the weekend. As did the consumption of alcohol! I wasn’t sure when the AFSC guys were going to arrive, but I must admit that as the afternoon turned into evening a few concerned thoughts crossed my mind. Luckily Julie and I had taken a good supply of beer with us, which along with several complimentary drinks dropped off at the tent by the HPSC lads (God bless you) meant the wait wasn’t exactly unpleasant! Borgo and Marian arrived during the afternoon and, despite warnings about Borgo’s snoring, we agreed to them pitching their tent next to ours. Actually I didn’t hear a thing – thankfully! Eventually Steve Evans arrived followed closely by Rob ‘The Rudi’, Si Brunskill, Haggis and Johnno. What followed was some frantic tent erection that I assisted by illuminating the area with my SX head light (12v conversion – you know it makes sense!) as it was now pitch black! With everyone sorted it was time to make up for lost time in the nighter and so began some full-on dancing, drinking and chatting that lasted into the wee small hours. The huge building (best described as a converted barn) was a great venue although the uneven concrete floor made dancing hard work. The HPSC had called on the services of a professional lighting company and the set up was really professional. A great night was had by all and, judging by the state of a lot of people the next day (myself included) a great deal of alcohol was downed. A particularly potent HPSC special cocktail didn’t help!

Saturday was bright and sunny again although there had been a storm of monsoon proportions during the night. Johnno fell victim to the weather, as he’d made the schoolboy error of not zipping up his tent and several pints of rain water had sought sanctuary inside. Ooops! A few of us decided that a visit to the local outdoor swimming pool for a shower would be good, the only down side being that we missed the ride out which, apparently, was excellent. The rest of the afternoon saw the custom show with some top quality scoots on display. Lambrettas are featuring more and more on the German scooter scene and top class renovations are also becoming less of a rarity. The usual and remarkable feats of German engineering were a fascinating sight. The prizes were handed out later that night and I must say that they were all richly deserved although I was a bit confused when the Best Male Dancer prize was handed to a guy for catching a fish in the small lake at the venue. Whatever!

Many people had decided on the ‘kill or cure’ method for getting rid of their hangovers and embarked on an all day drinking session. This seemed to work for some although one individual (who shall remain nameless) missed Saturday night completely despite my best efforts to wake him up! As well as the custom show, the afternoon saw the organised fun game attracting a large audience. A wooden ramp had been erected on the banks of the lake I mentioned and a child’s bicycle had been ‘obtained’, I think you can probably guess where I’m going with this! The idea was for competitors to ride the bicycle off the end of the ramp and get as far as they could across the lake. Seeing half a dozen semi-naked blokes hurl themselves into a stinking lake on a kid’s bike was hilarious and big up to John Wymark for joining in and putting in a creditable performance!

Saturday night quickly came around and the nighter venue was filled with people determined to dance and drink the night away. I have to say the mix of music that night was better than the previous one and I think that every taste was catered for. Even ‘The Unknown Stuntman’ had an airing, although I remain baffled as to why! Predictably, I was chuffed to hear plenty of The Jam and pleasantly surprised when That’s Entertainment featured. First time I heard that on a German run. Haggis, Johnno and me lasted until 0430 and were very pleased that there was still food being served as we’d got a severe case of the munchies! Sunday morning arrived as a wet miserable day and no-one took any pleasure from packing soaking tents in the rain with the prospect of a wet ride home to look forward to. As I wasn’t in any hurry to get home, we waited until there was a break in the weather before packing up and heading off. Unfortunately the break didn’t last long and I was forced to stop a couple of times on the way back as the rain was making it dangerous to carry on. After another complete navigation disaster in Dusseldorf (!) and a minor carb problem, we arrived back in JHQ in bright sunshine – typical!


There are too many people to mention individually after a great weekend, but to all those I chatted, drank and danced with, thank you all for making the run so great. My thanks also to the HPSC for a superb rally; roll on next year!

PS. When I got home there was a message for me on the answering machine from Rob who had been asked by Si Brunskill to let him know if there was any cold beer on the rally. The temptation to tell Si that there wasn’t was almost irresistible, if it hadn’t been such a stupid question!



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