The AFSC AGM Skegness 2006

By Rob James

This years AFSC AGM meet up started for me on the Thursday, finishing the last minute checks on my GP and all the faffing around that goes with it. The Guestbook had been quiet during the week for other reasons and was wondering how many numbers we would get.

Friday came and it was chuckin` it down with rain. The missus`s car got a flat and I had to take it down to ATS to get it fixed. Then the phone went and the DVD company making my scooter film, said it was ready for collection, so me and my lad went up to Mansfield to collect it and it`s brill!!

Finally got on the road with the adrenlin pumping like crazy and weather drying out.
Got passed Grantham, when a couple of bikers on Harley`s passed by with one of them managing to backfire his exhaust creating an almighty thunderflash metal ping!
Thought I`d been struck by a bl…y arty shell but kept on goin` as they pulled into a café further up the road, the Ba….rds!

Got to the campsite at 4pm and could`nt believe the numbers already in the box that Mik and crew had laid out. Maybe more than last years? Said my `ellos to all the usual characters and then it was off to the RV with 50 odd scooters racing for pole postion. No slip ups on the gravel this time and after a group snap and short stay back down to the campsite again.

The camaraderie spirit was there in evidence again and it was great to see the effort put in by the German crew, South Div boys and Wirral/Liverpool crowd and anyone else who did more than my meagre 70 miles to get there.

Someone has already mentioned having a name badge to ID new members but got to meet up with Gaz from Tidworth, Tony Teach, Rob the Mod and Adam from Brid` plus Mark and his young lad.

The Ship was buzzin` and time to talk the usual shite about scooters, footy and sex in no particular order, in a haze of rounds of ale. No taking it steady tonite! Off to the kebab shop across the road but tonight they`ve run out so settle for a chicken version. No daft plans to hide it under a hedge this time but it did fit nicely down my jacket as we got into the Shadows Nite Do. Frequent trips to the cubicles enabled me to complete this delicacy whole.

Didn`t bother with the live bands that nite on Blocky`s advice, so found my way down into the dark damp dungeon, that was the Reggae/Ska room. Some great toons were being played by the Sounds & Pressure rig. Brillient in there!!

Early Sat morning and everyone was congratulating Dave across the field, who had kept his missus happy for 3 whole hours throughout the night and must have been on viagra!

The parts fair was packed and some great looking` scoots in the custom show I hadn`t seen before, especially my fav the Liquidator. Bagzy`s Tonka Toy was parked up outside and a great lookin` retro scoot from an `80s heritage!

Chatted to Fozzy and his missus(!), bumped into Dangerous Dave and Kenny Bradford bought me a pint, before I went back into the dungeon again for some silly skankin.

Met up with my local Leics Alliance dancin` to some Acid in Bar Fly before finally realizing the rally was coming to an end.

Another top rally with some bl…y excellent people with a common bond. Everyone needs a mention!!

Next year`s venue might change to the Castle Pub complex as Shadows has a planning application for a bingo hall!!

Today, work took me to Boston again. I was eating my butties in a laybay with the window down. Was that Tonka Toy I could here in the distance or my brothers` fresco pipe spitting through it`s gears. No, just the wind howling across those empty fields…….

Rob James















































The AFSC (G) at Sticky Rock
BSRA National Rally 26-29 May 2006

By Rob (the Mod) McLauchlan

Grab yourself a brew, there’s so much to mention……….

Thursday: With the topics of conversation consisting of nothing else but “Sticky” this, “Skeggy” that – it’s gonna be brillllllllllliant etc, etc for months, the time was here, it was real and right now the
AFSC (G) party (comprising Batty, Haggis, Tony Teach, Dai, Danny and myself) were going to cross the Phase Line. Nothing and I mean nothing was going to get in our way! For me the journey began on a very wet Thursday morning as I hooked up with Haggis and Danny (c/w 1x big truck) to move the scooters down to our Port of Embarkation – Rotterdam. Scooters loaded and lashed and with one fine quote from Haggis “safe as houses them kiddor” and we were off. Hoofing it down with rain all the way, we took this clearly as a sign of things to come as we made good time to Holland to meet up with Batty, Dai and Tony. I must add at this point that “Scooter Skittles” is not a game I would recommend, having heard the apocalyptic thud about 20 Kms from the port we came to a hasty halt and as we opened up the back of the truck we noted almost a full strike! Before boarding the Pride of Hull, we administered what scooter first aid we possibly could and that was it – Haggis would be doing the journey on “rear brake only” and I would be arriving in a similar state to the one which “Chalky” from Quadrophenia got to Brighton in! Once on board the boat, our weekend began. After a quick admin period, the first on many beverages was on its way down and we were suitably entertained all night. Even the ship’s DJ came up trumps with his first and very wise choice of Dobie Gray’s – the In Crowd!
Friday: Off the boat and still hoofing it down with rain, we set off on what was to be a wet, cold trip through the North Lincs countryside. Having made no secret of my combined fear of heights and wide open spaces, I for one did not fancy the prospect of crossing the ‘Umber Bridge! That said, the Lord was kind to us and within minutes we were over all safe and sound. We were going save the “shaking like a shitting dog” routine for the way back. We made good time to Skeggy, stopping for a couple of brews, smokes and banter breaks en route, noting that every time we stopped off we got 5 minutes of “sunshine” and more rain each time we set off. On arrival at the camp site, many of the UK based AFSC had arrived, basha’d up and were into routine in defence, shooting the shit and generally catching and they just kept coming. It was great to see so many faces both old and new. I will add at this point that I will make no effort to name every individual and therefore please don’t feel left out; everyone’s presence was noted and all of you should feel an equally important part this great family. That said, however on behalf on AFSC (G) I will at this point take the opportunity to thank Mik and Sue for their excellent G4 support (securing the area, beer runs etc) - cheers. Approximately 1730 hrs saw the fantastic spectacle of the AFSC masses gathering at the meet up point for the ride in and it had stopped raining – bonus! Friday evening saw the usual scooterist’s mix of drinking, dancing and live music starting off at the Ship Inn, with most eventually ending up at the main venue – Shadow’s nightclub. A great night was had with four great music rooms boasting a great selection of sounds intended to please all. This is where the weekend (for me) became somewhat of a blur, having missed the live support act “Circa” I made a conscious effort to stay pretty much sober enough as to appreciate Johnny Warman’s “the Mods” covers or not, they blasted out a high energy, well varied, quality set that included a superb rendition of the Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again and a fine dedication to the late, great Desmond Dekker – cheers Johnny!





























Saturday: Saturday began with the mother of all hangovers and there’s only one way to cure that, sod the Custom Shows, Parts Fairs and find Dave Bellis and his merry band of Scallies and Squirrels that are Birkenhead Cloud 9! Along with Donna, Jimmy, Jamie and Spencer, Dave and I decided it would be a good idea to hit Mods & Rockers (M.A.R.S BAR) pub for a breakfast of find ale and it was there we discovered Dave Bellis does actually have a wallet – he is now the official inventor of the BOGOF round and that started the afternoon. Mid afternoon saw the Park Bar presenting the first of more tribute bands in the form of Goole’s All Mod Cons – in a nut an excellent show, look-alikes they are not, sound-alikes they are close. Who’s Renown followed All Mod Cons who were equally well received, unfortunately I cannot comment as a return to the camp site for pre-evening admin and a further appointment at the Ship prevented me from seeing them! Saturday evening saw the AFSC masses return to Shadows where our wait was over, time for Grasp. As our “official” band, Grasp are well supported within the AFSC, yet again they did us proud delivering a fine set of (to nick a quote – Sargie)….. “a scorching set of blistering power pop” – cheers guys! More beer, more dancing and then it was time for (ahem) the main act – Dr and the Medics. Now this is my personal opinion, once I had picked my chin up of the deck, I firmly came to the conclusion that there is probably still is a time and place for this lot – 3rd rate beer tent at Glastonbury! Guys (and girl) Norman Greencoat took the hint after he failed to re-achieve and disappeared in into the musical abyss that is “obscurity” – there, I have said my piece. What followed was more beer, more dancing and yet another tribute band – the Sex Pistols experience. These were pretty damn good to be honest and Sid looked every bit like he had been thawed out after 29 years of Cryogenic freezing! The show was delivered a la 70’s with a sizeable group of Punk scooterists kicking shit out of each other in appreciation of the bands efforts. The only authentic bit missing was the lack of spitting at the band – seemingly everyone had used up all of their “greenies” on Dr and the Medics!

Sunday: Unfortunately, Sunday was the AFSC (G) cue to leave. A couple managed to get a ride or walk into town and grab some reasonably priced spares at the parts fair. Nice to see dealers doing exactly that, dealing and not macking you off with over-inflated prices. Basha’s flattened (less Dai, who clearly has either too much disposable income or shares in Millets), it was time to go. We enjoyed a great run back to Hull, scooters running a treat and even a touch of much appreciated “sunshine” (pronounced with a Manc twang). The wind picked up a little as we neared the ‘Umber Bridge and we were not be let down, add strong wind, a sign warning motorcyclists so and a damn big bridge and the fun starts, time to shake like a shitting dog – next year I am going to Harwich and riding up country! Once aboard our vessel, did what Brits on the Piss do best, hit the bar and finish off in style. A great night was had on the way back, we met up with Keith (a dead ringer for Nirvana/ Foo Fighters Dave Grohl) and his good lady Aline, two solo riders who had made the trip all the way to Sticky from Antwerp and must have been in a serious rush to get back as they passed us at about 70 Mph on the ‘Umber going two-up on a P Range!

What makes a great weekend great? Towns are towns, to me it’s simply, good old British beers, great live music/ dancing and more so, the most important scooter family in the world that is the

Next stop, Southport until then…..Ride safe & keep the Faith



The AFSC (G) at Sticky Rock
BSRA National Rally 26-29 May 2006

By Mik Boon

How could we beat 2005? Don’t know but we could try. Working on the idea if it aint broke don’t fix it, Simon and I thought we should just do it again. Last year we paraded 80 members at Sticky Rock numbers this year were slightly down but the fact that most of us now knew each other made up for it.
The preceding fortnight had me worried. To take our big gas BBQ down I needed the trailer unfortunately the suspension had snapped coming back from the Pompey weekender and needed welding. We also wanted the Air cadets HQ as last year I had been in contact with their commanding officer who was quite happy to let us use it but the building was being refurbished and we wouldn’t know until the week before if we could. Also the weather had been appalling for two weeks with snow falling on the wolds in May. My garden looked like an extension of the river Humber and we were watching the news talking about a hosepipe ban!
To cut a long story short, that’s a song by strange men in kilts.. more of them later. The trailer was welded in time (Wednesday) unfortunately the weather had put the builders behind schedule and we couldn’t have the squadron HQ.
Also Sue has now got on the road with her little PK and I thought she may want to ride there. She volunteered to drive the car and trailer otherwise it would’ve been a double trip each way.
The Saturday before the GP was running well new clutch in and I took it to work on nights for a final test 18 mile each way got there no problems next morning coming home my exhaust was missing I don’t know how but I am certain it was nicked ! That was the decider I was going on the LML. Wednesday night Trev and I decided to go out for a run and check em out 10 miles out his exhaust sheared its barrel threads so it was a mad panic top end strip and helicoil repair refitted on Thursday ready for the off Friday morning.
Out at 0900 we waited briefly at the A16\A18 junction in case the German div came through our mobile couldn’t connect to Dai’s for some reason so we had no idea whether they were there or not. I had a call from Adam at the Humber bridge that he had not Rv’d with them and he was having trouble nipping up we directed him past Beedspeed and he was on his way. The weather was not brilliant but my waterproofs kept it at bay. The only drama was some idiot coming round a hairpin bend on my side of the road. Thank Christ I’d taken the LML with a disc brake the lammy would have been wasted and me with it.
We got to the site at 1015 and the rain stopped as we pulled in ready to pitch our tents .and rope off our usual area and get the AFSC banner up. Adam turned up soon after followed by Nobby Green and his crew. Phill Little and Mitch and then the German lads.
The fun started when the SD turned up Bagzy riding Tonka toy he got off but stayed in that riding position for 2 hours. By 1700 around 50 members and family had turned up and we mounted up and rode out to the garden centre RV at Burgh le Marsh. I found a willing young lady to take a group shot photo and despite Wombles letching at his Mum her 4 year old looked like he had just got the scootering bug. Sue did the booze cruise to Tesco and the partying started. Out to Ship Inn for a meet and greet then on to the venue. Nothing to write home about but the beer was cold the music good and the company fantastic. Phill won the “I am so cool I won’t even sweat in my parka “contest. The SD in their kilts made me feel ill and Tanky quite warm inside in equal measures.
Saturday morning DDR woke the sparrows up first then everyone else about 0500 I tried to pretend I hadn’t heard him but resistance is futile. We took the scoots into Skeggy for breakfast and narrowly avoided being ploughed by a bus which didn’t want to wait at a mini roundabout. Sue explained his mistake with simple sign language. I think it was the same twonk who nearly killed me last year as well.
We got back in time for the ride out but the weather had closed in and not many fancied it. A few brave souls went and reported back that the pub was chokka and we wouldn’t have got in anyway. The BBQ was also rained off so we got sorted for the night do. The Laydeez came out in their Horny red devil outfits looking sexy but not as dirty as womble in his bigger knockers than most of the girls! Into the ship for the AGM meet and then on to see Grip no grab no that’s not it GRASP! Best firkin tribute band in the world eh Blocky? I personally was blown away by the encore and Marks drum solo. Phill and Mitch then went off to see Who’s who another best tribute band in the world and got back in time to see Dr and the Medics come on stage after three songs the queue to get out was ten minutes long. They were a seriously shite comedy outfit.
Sunday morning a strange glowing object was seen in the sky. The sun was out we made the most of it out for a ride to skeg then a ride to ingoldmells the traffic was nose to tail so we decided to ride up the outside and I put my siren on Trev pulled over thinking he had been nicked . Oh how we laughed!!!.
When we got back most people had left or were leaving and the 20 members left decided we would have a ride out a quick scan of a road atlas and we headed off to Alford a pretty little market town about 15 miles away , in a force 9 gale. We stopped off for tea and coffee in a local pub then headed back waving Mick Holt off on the way. Then we decided we would have the BBQ and Sue and I shot off to Tesco arriving as they were announcing the shop was shutting so a trolley dash later and loaded up with every Barbie pack they had. Thanks to Womble and big Gaz it was cooked properly and wolfed down.
Sue had not slept all weekend and I was at work 1400 Monday so we packed away and left about 1930 arriving home an hour later again in howling winds. The lads crossing the Humber Bridge must’ve taken their lives in their hands.
Thanks to everyone who once again made an
AFSC rally one to remember.
Was it better than last year………(sharp intake of breath through clenched teeth)….. Possibly. Votes on a post card to

Cheers all Mik


faces of the afsc agm 2006
Rick 63
Ryan 63
Simon Cuerden
Mik Boon
Sue Boon
Dave Day Release
Daz and family
Chris "Tigger" Morley
Mrs Tigger
Andy Crocker
Dave Bellis
Carl Tankie
Bootie Sapper
Lee Baker
Danie Ranson
Dai Ranson
Rob Da Mod
Dave Pincott
Gary Mc
Gary McLaughlin
Kieron Mc
Rob "Anteater" James
  Dickie 2 Coats
  Dee 2 Coats
  Andy Baggott
  Steve Marsh
  Belinda Marsh  
  John (fozzy) Foskett
  Sarah Foskett
  Linda Silburn
  Andy Collins
  Mo Collins
  Steve Blackie
  Mick Holt
  Peter Keightley
  Steve Hunter
  Ned Kelly
  "Dangerous" Dave Williams
  Rodney G Short
  Tony "Teach" Whitehead
  Aaron (Mitch) Mitchell
  Andy James
  Adam Hazael
  Jill Doyle & 3 kids  
  Mark Doyle
  Dave Allen  
  Mrs Allen  





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