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The AFSC annual thrash 2009
Our Thrash began very early in the year when we started the difficult process of choosing a venue. We chewed through the usual offers such as the nationals but we decided that this year we would do a more family orientated” inland” type event that had every thing on site and after a vote we settled on doing the Leicester Phoenix Nights do at Hinckley.

Phoenix Nights 4 FRIDAY 8th - SUNDAY 10th May 2009

Marston's Stadium, Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 3DR.

Friday Night:
The brilliant scooterist band "The Genetics"


Saturday Night:
The one and only:
(playing with his band)


* 2 Rooms of music DJ's
* Ridden Custom Show
* Parts Fair
* Ride Out
* Kiddies Fun Fair (extra charges apply)
* Overnight camping til Sunday noon!
* Local B&B's Close to venue
* Showers etc
* A GP200 (kindly supplied by Grand Prix Scooters)


Raising money for the National Autistic
Only £10 in advance for the whole weekend
Only £15 on the door


Mitch Mitchell is a member of the Phoenix Nights so it was great to have a man on the ground with local knowledge and liaison with the club this secured us a mined taped off area and helped with ticket booking saving money and just making the whole process a little less painful, thanks go out to Mitch, Sharon and family.
As the countdown progressed the list of people going grew and it was soon time to make the journey. The weather on the Friday was crazy with gales and showers in some counties along with sunshine in some so most of us had a mixed bag of journeys.
Roger Godwin made it to within five miles of the rally and broke down and had to call recovery who insisted on taking him all the way back home, undeterred by this Rog fixed his scooter then came back! Kudos to you mate!



Dave Hall, who gets furthest traveled, all be it part of the way on a Boing 727, Dave arrived on a low rider courtesy of a snapped rear back shock. This was sourced and repaired early on the Saturday morning by our in house Formula 1 pit crew consisting of Joey and Daz Bolton, Jinx supplied the Allan key whilst the rest of the club supplied the supervisory advise and assistance that is oh so important for both the bike owner and for those doing the work.
Jumping back now to the Friday night and our arrival was seamless as Mitch had briefed the Phoenix Night Road Crew to expect us and we where directed to a mined taped area. The HMFSC had already set up their stall and where in full BBQ mode complete with some new H4H Patches that will help thousands of servicemen and women returning from ops, top marks Craig! “Remember to visit his stall and make a donation or buy a patch, all monies are going to H4H”.
Our little AFSC enclave was established and there where a fair few AFSC Members camping with their local clubs, excellent to see John “ Mitch” Mitchell from the Nottingham gate Crashers with his newly painted orange GP “Band of Brothers” Your son’s chromed Runner looks the biz as well mate and thank you for Tony’s number.
Dave Halliday with his new Royal Marine sweat shirt complete with spelling mistake! Phil Smirnoff Ice, great to see you again mate and no doubt we will see you again at the next allnighter. Mandy and Dave Allan can you please tell me how you’re Jake knows about “Tea bagging”? It was awesome to see Jake trying to chat the bar maid up, he nearly pulled it off but that’s another story.
No sooner had you taken your helmet off there was a beer thrust into your hand followed by a handshake, honest this was the very best Thrash we have had, Gaz had out done him self this year and produced a most excellent CD that is as diverse and as good as it gets, Gaz thank you for the hard work and generosity mate you are a star.
Prior to this event we had opened up a forum thread reference the many economy class tents available and I had championed one of these praising the merits of bargain basement. The first thing to go on my tent where the two guide rope anchor points that came away in my hand as if made of cheese. The next thing to go was both inner and external zips affording me the waterproofing qualities of a sandal, note to self, don’t be such a tight arse.
The teeth arms contingent had set up their fire base and a healthy banter from the Guards Division and the Rifles ensued, Ned Kelly, Ian O Malley, Dickie 2 & Sara, Martin, David Kendall, Mark Bishop, Richard West, Ian Fisher and Raff all added to the mix with both The RAF and Royal Navy giving comments on the pros and cons of having a tent made by a disgruntled sweat shop worker who had run out of zip stuff and cotton or what ever they made the tent out of.
Tony and Corrinna had set up their caravan, Corrinna you look really well and the scar is mega! Don’t forget to get the zip tattoo or even Velcro, I always think Velcro is a rip off though. Tony was dazzling us with his scooter riding until dumping it on the damp grass causing so much damage to the handle bars that a scaffolding pole had to be used to bend it back into enough shape to get him home, remember to give Phil Smirnoff Ice a ring for the parts you need Tony.
Special mention goes out now to Roann who drove all the way from Norfolk on the Friday evening to make sure we had The AFSC Banner, thank you for this it was much appreciated and a shame that duties made it that you couldn’t stay for the whole weekend but there will be other times.
Talking duties, Helen (Comms) rode her scooter down early on Saturday morning after a duty, mind you some one had to come to supervise Leigh, mega that you both made it! Andy & Mo Collins did the business, Mo you have to send in a picture of your scooter, its ace! Carl tanky also had a duty Friday and rode up early Saturday to do the Thrash.
A quick nip over to see Lou and Andy and to say a hello to the HMFSC and also to try to pounce sausage and a beer then soon it was time for the night do Daz smith told me that he wasn’t going to cook this weekend so he could concentrate on his drinking skills. Nice to see you again John and I hope to catch up again this year at the IOW.
A short hop over to the main area where the set up was awesome, it was a triumph. A small fun fair was in attendance for the dustbin lids complete with rides and a bouncy castle. There was a small covered area to eat your food, thankfully not needed all weekend as the sun teased us for the duration. Three snack bars serving up the usual rally food that has helped place our nation onto the culinary map.
The venue was a two roomed sports lounge that was excellent giving you the choice and freedom to meander from one room to another as the mood takes. The evening wasn’t too cold and a fair few just chilled out side drinking, smoking and catching up with old friends and making new. There was a great atmosphere with no remarks or digs or unnecessary posturing and I found this fantastically inspiring.
In the main hall the band booked as “The brilliant scooterist band The Genetics” gave a great account of them selves and started the weekend’s entertainment superbly. Not a lover of cover bands and tributes, I decided to take refuge in the second room. Here I was dazzled by Daz Bolton who was throwing some well serious shapes in the Northernsoul Stylee, Daz you didn’t tell me that you where a Beverley lad, I am as well mate born and bread strong in arm n thick in head.
Quite soon on Friday I was in a drunken state and time to try to get Daz Coleman to part with his prized positions, his Pokey Pink Thing Patches but a usual he was having none of it, one day Daz! Murph and Sally finding out our sons attend the Duke of Yorks School, soon to be an academy, was ace although I was a bit too tipsy and in bore mode. Ace talking face to face with The Logdumper, your reputation for sorting engines precedes you.
Before you could say residual alcohol, it was Saturday morning and time to ride out to the pre booked pub for an all-day breakfast. Helen and Joey knew the way and Dave had done the biz liaising with the landlord. Twenty seven breakfasts for those who could stomach the ride out to this lovely pub, Angie wanted to have a drink already! Too early for me. Scoffing up with Al Chester is the way forward coz Al is allergic to pork so me and Damage got dibs on his black pudding and sausages, result!
The next trip out was to Morrison’s for a porcelain visit and another coffee. We decided to stay a while and enjoy the MILF’s shopping As soon as Sue was out of ear shot Mik told me he was there for the GILF’s! heading back towards the ranch it was soon time for The AFSC to show off their gladiatorial prowess and our stage would be the tug of war but before this Carl decided, no insisted, that he would dazzle us all with his raw egg and bean eating powers, little did we know that Carl, an ordinary schoolboy, living at 29 Acacia Road, Nutty town, eats a banana to transform into Vomit man.
Carl was best in his class and came away with the highly coveted beer and banana eating trophy, I must admit that Carl took competitiveness to a higher plain! Next up was the tug of war competition, now I am more than partial to a good old tug but my days on the ropes are over so I stood to the side for the younger and fitter men. We came away as third best losers!
Late afternoon and now time for a cheeky little power kip it was back to the tent made of straw only to receive a call that Julie had turned up with her new daughter, Dave she is beautiful and your daughter is nice as well! It was a perfect day and there was more to come.
Dave and I decided to go for an artic circle shower, deffo soap on a rope time! After a cats lick it was drinking trousers back on and then over to the venue for Neville Staple and his band, I don’t know much about his music but his first single “Come on Eileen” was mega! There where a few moans that he was a bit of a prima donna and his set was broken due to a fire alarm being set off. No one seamed overly concerned and the party just spilled out side and continued.
The fire fighters gave the all clear then it was back into the throng and time for Damage to demonstrate how he could break up a riot in a Cairo fish market with one of his farts! The night soon became early morning and Lou Lou decided to venture in for an extra drink! How was your head Sunday?
Like all good things it was morning all too quickly and time for camp AFSC to be struck. I was tinged with sadness to see so many AFSC Members ride off but I rode home grinning like a Cheshire Cat knowing that we have had a great time and a successful AFSC Thrash.
Mega to get together, mega to meet new friends and old. Mega to be part of some thing special.