Not The AFSC Pre Season Bash but a Pre Season Bash

Well first of all I have to apologise and hold my hands up for being a bit too quick to call it The AFSC Pre season Bash, more than one believed that it was a do organised by The AFSC, it wasn’t. Mental note to self, “be carefully what you call things”. I did the same with our annual get together calling it an AFSC AGM and now some believe we sit around a table with fresh water note pads and minutes, we don’t and once again sorry.

The story behind our little social gathering started a few years ago when Dickie 2 Coats met Steve the owner of a full blown custom GP with the Quadrophenia paint scheme (featured in Scootering a few issues ago) Steve was the landlord of a pub in Oxford that was Scooterist friendly and one or seven pints had been sunk in his establishment by AFSC Members.

Steve relocated to Coalville and now runs a fair sized hotel complete with function rooms, cavery and pub. Steve regularly caters for local Scooterists and Soulies and offers a 25% discount on double rooms. Dave Allan and Mik Boon quite rightly saw this as an excellent venue for us to meet up and on Saturday the 3rd of Feb 2007, members of The AFSC along with other Scooterists and Soulies descended on The Charnwood Arms in Coalville.

The accomodation and tickets sold out quite quickly (top tip for next year book early) and forty odd members of The Armed Forces Scooter Club broke their winter blues together at this superb venue.

On arrival at The Charnwood Arms we secured our chalet key and collected our night do ticket from Dave and Amanda, (Dave don’t forget to send your sons details in for membership). Already there was a gaggle of AFSC who had chosen to start the lubrication early in the afternoon.

Helen and Joey, Dave Bellis, Sue, Jimmy and Donna all popping the cork early for the Mersea derby. To top this was The Six Nations start and Steve Hunter, Jay, Daz the Dog, Rob James, Carlos and Bagzy were all in good sprits and had taken root in the pub lounge.

I have said this a million times before, but I have to say it again that it is very special when we all meet up. The banter is razor sharp and I know I get a little doey eyed on this but the camaraderie is magic! As soon as Carol and I got into the pub lounge we were greeted with The
AFSC taking root and enjoying the crack! Dean and Sharon, Marshy, Stumpy and Carolyn Leech, Mik n sue Boon, Trev and Kathy King, Northern Dave and Linda, Mart Robson Sue Robson, Spanner Keightley, Rob James, Yorkie Stout and Heather, Stan Stannard and Fozzy Foskitt and Sarah (who is hatching a future AFSC Member, congratulations XXX). It was just magic to see every one and I’m sure we are all looking forward to the Scootering season with added anticipation.

After a few sherbets it was time to check out the entertainment but to be honest the company was all that was needed! The Charnwood Arms was well up for it and you could tell that their young staff where well versed with the scootering tribe. Always polite and courteous and a credit to Steve. The Charnwood boasts two rooms so there is always some thing for every one and most chose to meander from room to room sampling the different music on offer. In the main room there was your typical Scootering fare with Blue Beat, reggae, soul, Ska, and two tone along with the alternative genre that the eighties and nineties Scooterboy spawned like a Frankenstein monster! Alternative Ulster, Killing Joke, This Is the Day, London Calling, Rebel without a Pause, the Klingonss, King Kurt, and an unhealthy smattering of thrash punk coupled with a tadge of Oi! Basically any thing and every thing, the music police had taken the night off leaving a sea of sweaty balding scooterists to kick Fook out of any rapidly approaching mid life crisis……… fan fookin tastic! And as Rob James once wrote, there where no massive pie eaters trying to kick fook outta any one, it was just a celebration of a misspent youth!

Oh and there where a couple of bands on as well but I was too drunk by this stage and scurried off to the comfort zone of the Northern room. The Northern Room was never ever gonna win any prizes for the gig who played the rarest records in fact I do believe it was a “CD” zone but hey as I said, the music police had taken the night off, just as well because the DJ would have been arrested on the spot! Not only did the cheeky fooker play Ze Snake, he played it twice in one set!!! Brilliannnnnnnttttt!

My only real criticism was the dance floor; the last time I stood on a floor like that I was waiting for a ski lift on an artificial slope! Steve this needs sorting ASAP, I mean how am I supposed to pirouette on a floor like that?

As with all good things they end too soon and at the stroke of death o’clock it was time to return to the chalet for a good nights kip. Breakers time and the merriment continued with giggles over a large greasy. Time to set off and the customary hugs n kisses its now time to count down to when we can all enjoy the company of our fantastic club on the scooter runs. Mega night, big up to Dave n Mik for finding this little oasis in a bleak but sunny February. See you on the runs. Simon Cuerden


Points of contact for this afsc event are Mik Boon and Dave  Allen 
Date 3rd of February 2007 venue. the Charnwood Arms Nr Coalville, Leicestershire cost £2-50!!!
AFSC members are getting accomodation in the hotel for £25 per room!!!
Location is directly off the M1 and A42 junction so is easily accessible to most.
The do is a two roomed affair with a main, across the board music policy and the second room for Northernsoul.
This event is being run by AFSC member Dave Allen


Accomodation Booking
I have just booked to reserve my accomodation for the AFSC Pre Season Do for 2007 at  The Charnwood Arms the number is: Telephone: 01530 813644. They require your full name and address plus a credit card details.
Make sure you ask for the “Scooter Club Do” as these are block booked all ready for us and will be allocated by one easy phone call, brilliant! Big up to Dave and Mik!!!
Yours Simon Cuerden
Tickets for the AFSC Pre Season Bash

Well getting the accomodation sorted is easy peasy lemon squeasy! Getting your ticket for this do is even easier!!!

All ya need to do is send the poultry sum of £2.50, cheap innit!

Send cash/cheques and enclose a SAE please to:

David Allen, 193 Highfield St, Coalville,
LE67 3BT


The Charnwood Arms Hotel

Beveridge Lane, Bardon Hill, Nr. Coalville, Leics. LE6 2T


  How to get there:  

  By road: The hotel is located 2 miles west of Junction 22 of the M1, on the A511 near Coalville, Leicestershire.  
  By rail: The nearest railway station is Leicester. There are frequent trains from London (St. Pancras). The fastest take about 1 hour and there are taxis available at the station.  
  By air: There are flights from many European cities to both East Midlands and Birmingham International airports and also some direct flights from a few U.S. airports.

East Midlands airport is approximately 12 miles from Coalville.
Birmingham International airport is approximately 35 miles from Coalville.
Other accommodation nearby:
To book rooms, please contact the establishment direct:
  The Field Head Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leics. LE6 9PS
This is a 3-star hotel located at Markfield, 1 mile east of Junction 22 of the M1, approx. 3 miles from the Charnwood Arms.
  Tel: 01530 245454 Fax: 01530 243740  
  Granada Travel Lodge
A mid-price roadside motel. At Junction 22 of the M1 Rooms can be booked either through the Central Reservations service or online.
  Travelodge reservations: 0800 850 950 Online booking:  
  Hermitage Park Hotel, Whitwick Road, Coalville, Leics. LE67 3FR
A new good quality hotel on edge of Coalville. Coalville is about 3 miles from the Charnwood Arms.
  Tel: 01530 814814 Fax: 01530 814202  
  Fallen Knight Hotel, Kilwardby Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. LE65 2FQ
This is a 3-star hotel that has recently been refurbished and renovated. Ashby-de-la-Zouch is about 8 miles from the Charnwood Arms.
  Tel: 01530 412230 Fax: 01530 417596  
  Royal Hotel, Station Road, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. LE65 2GP
A traditional old English hotel.
  Tel: 01530 412833  
  Cedars Guest House, 66 Burton Road, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. LE65 2LN
This is a cheaper option.
  Tel: 01530 412017
AFSC Faces gonna be there  
2 Simon and Carol Cuerden
4 Mik n sue Boon
5 Dia Ranson
6 Dave and Amanda Allen
8 Trev and Kathy King
9 Bagzy Baker
10 Spud
11 Northern Dave and Linda
13 Mick n Carol Fitzpatrick
17 Brooky and Kirsty
19 Dean and Sharon  
20 Dave Bellis
21 Stumpy and Carolyn Leech
22 Steve Hunter
24 Mart Robson Sue Robson
25 Dave Plent
26 Paz Parrott
27 Blitzkreig Craig
28 Spanner Keightley
29 Donna cloud 9  
30 Sue Alex
32 Fozzy Foskitt and Sarah
33 Yorkie Stout and Heather
34 Stan Stannard and partner
35 Jay
36 Murph  
38 Daz the Dogg and Emma
39 Rob James
40 John Wymark
41 Carl Brandwood
42 Helen and Joey


Mik (Danny) Boon
AFSC Rep North UK


archived northern division pages

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