the afsc at the northern aces run
thanks Donna for sending these in

A massive afsc thank you to

The Northern Aces Scooter Club for one of the best scooter weekends ever!
Setting off Dai takes a spill Assisting the police

On my wall is a year planner totally for scootering events for the UK, its full, I can not see any weekend free and most weekends have two or even three events for the scootering fraternity it makes for a very daunting task for any scooter club to put on their own weekender. Ooh and don’t forget the floods that swamped another scootering event and became a real worry for this event!

Not too much damage Spence n Jimmy giving moral support Joey
I know how much time effort and money The Northern Aces gambled up font to put this event on and with out going overboard it was possibly one of the best do’s I have been to this year!
Not drunk yet Gravel rash The sun comes out
Lord knows how the NASC got the sun to come out? My face was burnt and this hasn’t happened this year since Scarborough! The NASC got it all just right from the venue, the music, the catering, the hot (yes I do mean hot) showers, the organisation, the kids, the fun games, the football competition, the raffle, the custom show, the tattooist, the camp site…….. I will no doubt forget some thing but I know some thing for sure and that is I couldn’t find one thing wrong with the whole package. All the top boys were there no one was flexing any muscle and there was a relaxed friendly atmosphere the weekend which is a credit to the NASC for being tolerant and sensible with the way they managed the whole weekend. Well bloody done to all the boys’ n girls of the NASC!!
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Whooooooooaaaa whoaaaaaaaa Tony Blackburn

Booty n Sally Anne Brookie making us drink! Daz n chip off block
The AFSC Northern Division had an accidental gathering, it wasn’t planned, it just kinda happened. My weekend stated at Dia Ransom’s where Ian “Cartman” Botham and Lisa rode across from York. Spenny up from Southport and me from Sheffield. I gotta big up Craig n Kathleen who rode about three thousand miles from the Bonny Scotland, seriously Craig n Kathleen you are an inspiration and you make my two hour journey insignificant, kudos to you both!
12 regt massive 3 Wise Monkeys Luves it
We set off for the 40 mile journey from Ormskirk to Chester not realy aware that the next leg of the journey would take us through a time tunnel and back to the early eighties and see us having one crash and three breakdowns! The 40 miles took no less than five fookin hours to complete! But do you know what the crazy thing was; I enjoyed every silly daft second of it even when Dia started showing off with his external semi hydraulic front brake that was attached with a Kraft Cheese Slice and a fookin prayer! "Vorsprung dirk technic" I think not!!
If I could stay like this I need a hero They need a hero!
We arrived at Chester and were greeted by Joey and the Northern Aces SC, tent up and a beer with the Cloud 9 Scooter Club who are now part of the family! Great to see Jimmy, Jamie, Donna, Sue, Lue, and Spence!!!
ooh Crazy frog? Just Crazy
Dave Allan and family were all ready in full party swing along with Booty sapper and Sally Anne who looked like a super star! Great to see you all, it makes my rally when I see our members proudly flying the club colours and to see the AFSC Polo shirt and badge realy acts as a rallying point! Top drills.
Dave n Craig Eeeeeeeeh How very dare you!
Friday night was a top night with superb groups and a fantastic DJ! Most excellent to see Steve Hunter, Daz the Dog along with the chip of the block, Daz Coleman, great to finally meet! Good to talk to Dean Hill (don’t you ever sleep and welcome to the club). Dave and Pauline, Pauline the last time we met you had my trousers off and I was sat around your house in me shreddies for four hours!!! It was ace on Friday night bumping into old friends and making new ones, mersea is going to rock!
  Yes please?  
After crawling into bed for a few hours of lying and listening to the fuckwitt in the Caravanette next door to us playing his fookin Elvis Presley LP over and fookin over again, it was soon time to get up.
The Skinz The AFSC Drinking display team Scootz u sir
Saturday and against all the odds the sun came out and we enjoyed a belter of a day! The first part of the day was spent riding into the beautiful town of Chester and getting scoff, watching the five a side football, I think they were sponsored by pukka cheese and onion pasties? The custom show, I was cheated out of best of show! Every thing was perfect and tip top then Brookie arrived!
  Loves it!  
Fook me it was like a tsunami! I am not too sure of what happened but I remember the firemen, I remember the bath and I remember the straws… I have no recollection of what this man did or made me do for the rest of the evening. But I do know that my jaw was literally sore from laughing!
Always time for a nice hot soapy bath with yer mates............ how very very dare you!
It was a top weekend made by the Northern Aces and all those who attended appreciated it and entered immediately into the party spirit. I for on will be going again next year. Fookin luves it! Yours Simon Cuerden


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