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Sickness will surely take the mind
Where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.




Deaf Dumb and blind boy
He's in a quiet vibration land
Strange as it seems his musical dreams
Ain't quite so bad.
Ten years old
With thoughts as bold as thought can be
Loving life and becoming wise
In simplicity.


The Thrash By Mik Boon

For me this was always going to be a brilliant AFSC get together, I never doubted it for one second. Since the revamp of the club, we think we have addressed any problems we may have had, either real or perceived, and the club as it stands takes some beating, in my humble opinion. The only thing I was concerned about was the weather. It has been forecast for various forms of rain from a light drizzle to torrential the closer we got to the big day. It rained but it didn’t matter. The sunshine was inside everyone there.


It started for me and Sue last week with her PK125 going tits up after the Hull rally. I had changed her fuel tap and filter after finding a half ton of building rubble in it, after rebuilding it was quite obvious something else was wrong and I wasn’t having any luck fixing it. We needed to get the club banner to Buxton so decided the only way was by car for her, No way could we go two up on my LML with all the camping gear and a 20 foot by eight banner. So I stripped the seats out of the Kia and put her scoot and all the gear in it, with the hope some spanner ninja would be able to sort it.

AFSC thrash 2010


I was on a night shift the night before getting to bed about 0800 and awake again by 1030. Must've been excited? Any way to cut a long story short I bottled it, not proud but there we go. I managed to get the PK an LML, the club banner and all the gear. Plus a few chairs into the car and we set off at 1300 hrs. Two hours later we arrived at the Bull i th thorn, near Buxton, to be met by about ten club members already there. Must've been squaddies first on site, cos no would the RAF have picked that corner of the field when a bowling green was available round the corner. LOL., Looked all over for Si but couldn’t find him , We asked Cat weasel, harry potter , King Charles II, Guy Fawkes and Rolf harris but no one had seen him 

Teflon had been busy making the thrash CD a great mixture something to please everyone, No Bay city rollers though, inexplicably. Cheers Lee appreciated mate.

Tent pitched banner up and beer cracked, the weekend starts here. We were soon joined by our good mates Sapperbaz Akroyd of the HMFSC and Ian Botham from the BFSC who had ridden a staggering 290 miles from Edinburgh on his gorgeous Messerschmitt GS.

  A vague haze of delirium
creeps up on me.
All at once a tall stranger I suddenly see.
He's dressed in a silver sparked
Glittering gown
And His golden beard flows
Nearly down to the ground.


Even that was put to shame by Steve Evans who had a short hop from Germany via Dover. Steve had been there since 0900 and his weekend had obviously started then!!!!! .

Longest trip though, came for Damage. Who had had his hub come loose on the way up and was stranded in Clitheroe waiting for the AA. Dena managed to find her way and get the tent up on her own ready for him entering on the breakdown truck about 3 hours later. Think that was bad, His troubles had only just begun!  A military operation then ensued to get our own massive gazebo erected (he said erected!!  ) I say military operation it was more like the chuckle brothers meet Morris dancers but it went up OK, Down Damage down fnarr fnarr!

The rain had held off up to this point but as soon as I'd got the tent up it started , not heavy , but that fine rain, you know the sort ..... Anyway off we trot to the driest part of the site. The pub. after discovering the delights of the local brew, Robinsons. It was decided that Carl’s phone needed charging and the only 3 pin socket we could find was next to the pool table. after a short discussion It was decided the RAF would give the Army a lesson in Pool. Me and Dave Hall against Baz and Carl. At least 3 games to 1 in her majesties favourites favor, it would have been more If Sue hadn’t decided I wanted to go dancing 


The venue for the VFM do was an enormous marquee, credit to the VFM it was excellent with a stage dozens of tables and an enormous dance floor made from old packing cases by the look of it.

The northern room was in the adjacent barn with more packing cases and a bar. Rudimentary but effective. After everyone and his dog had lost the humor of trying on the tin helmets and trying to figure out how to get into a suit of amour, we were all over there dancing the night away and falling over in equal measures.

We sacked it around 0100 and didn’t see past my eyelids till 0600. When we were woken by a tourrettes sleep shouting session from somewhere over there, Dickey was getting the blame until Sarah pointed out that if it was him, you would have heard her swearing even louder 

Someone the previous night had, in the interests of camp hygiene hung a rubbish bag on the wall at the back of our camp. we woke to find the cows had eaten the bag and were busy picking up the bottles trying to drain off Stella into one of their four stomachs. Good job the bull next door didn’t get any wife beater in him. NB for the southern div Bulls and cows are those big funny things that strangely remind you, but you don't know why, of McDonalds. If any of that milk gets in the food chain, there’s gonna be fun when Mrs Miggins gives Pussy a saucer full.

The AFSC always get the last word, and that word was the Bay city rollers blaring from the stereo at 0645. followed by the band of the cold stream guards. two or three cups of coffee later we were all ready for breakfast and a ride the six miles to Buxton and weatherspoons at 0900. Sue came with me two up, and it soon became apparent my little LML 125 star with DR180 kit couldn’t keep up with the rest, until I discovered 5 miles in they come with a 4th gear as optional. thought it was vibrating a bit, still if it makes my lady happy that’s good for me. 

27 breakfasts and a suicidal chef later, It was back on the scoots to the Buxton cenotaph to pay our respects and then dispersed for the morning. We met back on the site later and Joey and Co was busy sorting out the BBQ, Chalky and Madge were on their first ever scooter rally and kindly volunteered to cook 3 cows a pig and a few pongo's rings for us all. Must say on behalf of the club, it was both fantastic and appreciated. As well as trying to fix damages T5 rear hub.

It soon became apparent that there was more damage than first thought. the engine and gear box was stripped out completely and an advert for not buying anything from Eddy Bullitt unfolded. a bearing sitting skewed in its housing and proud by 3mm on side and 1 the other, teeth missing from the fourth gear and the drive cog almost worn smooth. the thingy bob that holds the xmas tree shattered, all on a brand new engine less than a few months old. AA truck back as well then. Shameful. I was busy trying to suss Sues PK fault out between Me Mick, Tony and Chris we stripped the tank out and the carb, and thought the manifold was loose so the engine came out , all the time a little voice was heard wittering alternately its yow caybull thar is and you wunt a kipper tie. It was rebuilt confidently started and the fault ws still there . Tony was right it was the choke caybull!!!!

  Nothing to say and nothing to hear
And nothing to see.
Each sensation makes a note in my symphony.

We had a whip round for the Barbie. A fiver a go, gave us all the food we could possibly eat and £90 left over for BLESMA.

The girls got dressed up in their traditional way, this time as French maids. Phwoar!!!  the usual suspects donned there kilts some with less underneath than others ... "OGGY!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!" and Dicky had a fantastic idea to finally suss out where our illustrious club founder had disappeared to. Sarah's hat was soon filled with another £ 60 to Blesma and Catweasel\king charles\ rolf\ guy\ Harry sat down and was gently and carefully removed off one half of his little mettallic blond goattee. Fair play Si you were a sport elspecially when the shaving foam can accidently emptied up your nose. Then again having a naughty french maid squatted over me , I'd have done it too.

  Sickness will surely take the mind
Where minds can't usually go.
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know.


The girls went off with a blesma collecting tin , teasing money from unsuspecting scooterists, collecting a fantastic amount which I am sworn to secrecy until Sue has let the girls know and announced it... watch this space unfortunately this the lads to find there own entertainment. When debagging and teabagging damage failed , Chris Brown thought getting a BBQ Tattoo would be a good idea. The BBQ grills had been sitting over the hot coals for two hours , so He thought it wood be a reasonable assumption that smacking it against his bare buttocks couldnt cause any harm, Well how was he to know something like that would escalate.

The culmination of this sorry tale was OGGY Dave Buff , Damage and Chris all deciding they would have the grill simultaneously branding them to match the cows in the field. The grill wasnt doing a good job, that wasnt even going to scar till next month never mind permanently so it was decided to put the stainless steel spatula directly into the coals I bravely and without thought to my own safety wrapped the handle firmly in a towel and volunteered to do the job. needless to say. Browny squealed like a girl Damage ran off and Dave and Oggy are now in pinderfields. They would like to point out that no RAF or Navy were brave enugh to undertake this task. I will leave you to your own conclusions on the matter.

Saturday night it was out again to the marquee where Simon now decided he wanted to be Nanny McPhee and disrobed Sue to look like a cross between Florence Nightingale and the ballet dancing hippos from fantasia. . The merriment ensued throughout the evening even after the bar ran completely out of beer . Pama international were apparently on stage, It was Jam packed I heard em but didnt see em. sounded good though, what sounded even better was the idea that a scooterist had stolen a six foot , recently valued at £2000 antique mirror . VFM were running round looking for it, but there were two many mods there. I personally think it was ravey davy who sneaked it out on his SX front rack.

Sunday morning and de camping time. we packed up then unpacked to find the LML key then packed up again , watched the AA van turn up and refuse to take Damage and his T5 back, because it looked like he way well have tampered with it to get a lift home. Again Carol Nash are ace the AA are fookin shit!! remember that little tip folks.
We said our goodbyes and Me Sue, Al, Si Mark and dave went back to weatherspoons for a brekkie before departing

I would like to say the return trip was uneventful , Yes I did ride, but I was nearly wiped out by an undertaking beemer on a roundabout at baslow , endured a 59 mile trip between visible petrol stations at worksop managed to get 6 and half litres in my 7 litre tank , then at Wragby a power ranger taking the bend completely wrong coming at me tried to stick his head under my front wheel. How I missed the bleeding idiot I don't know! Got to within 2 miles of home and my throttle cable came off at the carb end , a two minute fix and we were home 3 hours from buxton to Grimsby 110 miles. reasonable by my standards!!

Where we off next year?



  His eyes are the eyes that
Transmit all they know.
Sparkle warm crystalline glances to show
That he is your leader
And he is your guide
On the amazing journey together you'll ride.


   a.       Sy                             -        shark watch normal drills


b.      Weather                    -


   c.       Ground Orientation  -    

The location is:

The Bull i’ th’ Thorn

Ashbourne Road, Hurdlow, Near Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9QQ

The Bull i’ th’ Thorn Inn is on the Buxton – Ashbourne Road (A515) six miles south of Buxton




For more than 500 years The Bull i’ th’ Thorn has offered a warm welcome to travelers and the field adjacent to thier Inn provides excellent facilities for both Caravans and Campers.

Situated on the old Roman Road between Buxton and Ashbourne, nestling amongst a handful of farms with stunning views of the rolling Derbyshire hills.

On site there is 15 acres of caravan and camping land with 10 electric hook ups, showers, toilets and taps.

Plus a place for families on a quieter part of the site.

Buxton Bed and Breakfast hotels and guest house accommodation

For those who prefer to BnB, Buxton has a plethora of Bed and Breakfast hotels and guest house accommodation just six short miles from the Thrash location.

Click here for Bed and Breakfast accommodation


The cost for the weekend is £15 for civilians and free for all servicemen with a valid service id card this includes camping and entertainment  Main marquee and Soul Barn

Pama International and The Ladders will be playing

Pama International are a Dub Fuelled Ska Rocksteady & Reggae band that produce a fantastic authentic sound without sounding like a tired tribute band, check them out on youtube!


   d.        Task Org                   -    Simon & Joey (Secure tented area - BBQ)

                                        -    Chalky (BBQ)

                                        -    Dave (Ride out to café & Buxton Cenotaph )


1.             SITUATION 

En Forces

Friendly Forces

Speed Camera Database - Derbyshire.




2.             MISSION   The AFSC are to meet at Run to the Hills 2010.


3.             EXECUTION


a.          Concept of Ops.   


(1)                To mirror the previous successful AFSC meetings getting as much enjoyment out of the weekend as possible.

 (2)                Scheme of Manoeuvre  Friday morning onwards we arrive at The Bull i’ th’ Thorn. The location will be secured and the tents erected followed by a cats lick and change into drinking trousers. The swamping and falling over will commence. Saturday morning we will ride to Buxton for breakfast then we will visit Buxton Cenotaph for those who wish to pay thier respects. we then return for the fun games and enter as many AFSC as possible. Scoff for the evening will be at our AFSC BBQ. Then the night do, kip then Sunday breakers for those brave enough. Farewells, hugs n stuff then ride home.


3) Outline of Phases.   This will be a 9 phase operation:

PHASE 1      Take over an area for the AFSC tents

PHASE 2      Set up BBQ area

PHASE 3      Friday night drinking and swamping comp

PHASE 4      Saturday ride out for breakfast

PHASE 5      Visit Buxton Cenotaph

PHASE 6      Saturday return for games

PHASE 7      Saturday AFSC BBQ and drinking comp

PHASE 8      Sunday ride out for breakfast

PHASE 9      Sunday farewells

 c.             Phases





Make sure you sort ya scoot out, map up n charge your mobile.

Ashbourne Road, Hurdlow, Near Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9QQ
The Bull i’ th’ Thorn Inn is on the Buxton – Ashbourne Road (A515) six miles south of Buxton

Joey and Chalky will need assistance setting up so all hands to the pumps on this phase



Recce Gp

Dave final recce café and Cenotaph

Simon and Joe location for AFSC tents & BBQ


FRV Protection Gp

Drinking party as per normal drills



Veh Separated

Veh Lost Joey         07799585426

Veh breakdown

Normal drills


c.       Coord Instrs.





Been doing it all year

P Info/Media

Photos and write ups as per normal drills but if any one fancies doing more then please do


d.       Summary.

The mission is quite simple and that is to have a good old thrash with some like minded people who work hard and play hard.


The AFSC Annual Thrash Commemorative patch will be available to AFSC Members who attend our annual get together


4.             SERVICE SUPPORT




Dress AFSC Colours as per normal Drills. DPM kilts optional

AFSC Packing Checklist



If we can fix your broken scooter then we will, there are enough spanner ninjas but please remember to keep them well lubricated


5.             COMMAND AND SIGNAL




This will be updated as soon as you send in your mobile

Simon Cuerden  07877333236
Carl/Tanky          07736050914
Joey                   07799585426
Sue Boon           07824515344