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AFSC Annual thrash whitby 2008
The picture above is mashoosive! It's the group shot of The AFSC out side the Angle Pub

It will take a fair whack to download especially if you are on dial up so be very very very patient!!

By Simon Cuerden

Just home from our biggest and most successful
AFSC Annual Thrash ever! First and foremost thank you to all of our members who attended making this an unforgettable gathering that typifies exactly what our club is all about.

I want to thank Sapper Baz for the initial recce, Gaz for the generous donation of the CD, playing it now mate and its tops! Lisa and Ian for the brilliant set up at RV 2, Craig n Viv for the special patches and one off shirts, The Germany crew who flew, rode, rowed or swam across, The crew from deepest darkest sarf who rode the hours, our Smudge who came from Afghanistan on his RnR, Tony Teach for his painful ride and the many, many members who made the journey to Whitby for this our finest hour!

The decision to go to Whitby was made just after our foray to Mersea Island in 2007, we all had a great time at Mersea but the numbers where definitely down and I was convinced that we had chosen the wrong location and timing for our club. As we got closer and closer towards Whitby the usual butterflies and a few Doubting Thomas's’ gave me the odd sleepless night so it was with a fair amount of anticipation that I set off towards RV 2 on Friday afternoon.

I needn’t have worried as my mobile went into melt down with messages and texts from
AFSC Members setting off on their journeys. The Northern Monkeys where belting towards RV 2 as the Southern and Eastern members where making their way across the country towards Whitby.

Bish and I set off towards RV 2 knowing that there had been one or two hiccups with timmings and the odd puncture but I knew Dave and the “Infantry” boys would catch us up or at least see us down there.

Strensall Common did not know what hit them as a two stroke invasion ensued at RV 2, the smell of scooters was beautifully punctuated by the heady aroma of bacon and sausages wafting from the back of Ian and Lisa’s house. Fantastic job you two, it set the scene for a top weekend.

The last short leg from York to Whitby was owned by The Armed Forces Scooter Club and watching the procession of
AFSC Members riding out onto The A64 was a sight to see, this was the biggest AFSC Convoy we have ever had and if Whitby was any like we where going to have a special weekend indeed.

We gathered for the ride in a couple of Klicks before the camp site and filled a pub car park with
AFSC, I do hope some one had a camera? Entering the campsite was awesome and I can’t remember feeling as proud. Taffy Roberts had secured the location and our numbers swelled yet again as we met the early arrivals. Tents up beer drank and into our normal 100 mile an hour drills of banter.

I know I harp on about camaraderie, but to see the tri services and of course US Forces all effortlessly mixing with just the love of Service and Scootering bonding us like brothers is an awesome and humbling experience. This was none better typified by Damage who served both as “INFANTRY” and in The Royal Navy….. Wahhhhh wahhhhhhhh!!!

Friday and Friday night was at spin dryer speed and quite a blur. Lord knows how many crates where supped before we hit the town but we where all in excellent spirits.

Whitby rocks, it manages to capture the now moment with hen nights and stag parties coupled with revellers of all shapes and sizes thrashing very hard on the ale yet it maintains its historic dignity and has not succumbed to the plastic theme pub or commercialisation that makes for an antiseptic drinking trough.

Dracula, whaling, Fish n chips and now the
AFSC Black Patch of courage. Honestly we had a ball, the weather gods teased us a little dropping a few spots on us just enough to make ya remember where the Gortex was packed but not enough to get them on. We had a few temperature plummets but we mainly had long periods of belting sunshineeeeeeeeeee! I have actually burnt my gwar neck and face!

To die, to sleep; to sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub coz I can’t get any fookin sleep on a run! I closed my eyes for a moment and awoke to Squaddie’s giggling like recruits on their first away from home pillow fight. I awoke earlier than Simon Brunskill, only just mind and both Simon and I sneaked into the ladies shower block for a hot revitalizing scrub, all in a none homo way of course!

There where a few winges at the prices? The whole weekend costs me £26 based on two night do’s a weekend camping and a couple of quid per day to get me back whilst wobbly. The reality of scootering is that if you want to party with other like minded people at a National that can cope with 2000 scooterist then you have to pay for it; I thought it was Value for Money.

Saturday morning and we had all caught the Whitby Thrash bug and every face had a smile on it. Aggis and his haired brother started drinking at 0900hrs while the rest of us where having that Colgate moment! 1000hrs and our merry band of brothers headed over to the garden centre for a superb breakfast, thanks again to Baz for his top recce skills! The day was wonderful with even more unexpected sunshine breaking through to remind us that it was in fact summer.

Most of us chose to ride the short distance into Whitby to the custom show where we saw some amazing eye candy and the scooters weren’t bad either. Damage and I rode back together making hard work of navigating through Whitby, Neil is as crap as me for directions! It did see an excellent sight out side a B n B, parked in a row was a group of “Hobby Mod Scooters” that had been dive bombed by seagulls. The scene looked like a very nasty accident involving a Mr Whippy van and a Dulux tanker! There was white guano every where! The Whitby seagulls don’t muck about!

Back to
AFSC Main and time for a cheeky power snooze, aint sleepin in the afternoon heaven! Refreshed, well ish, it was up and washed. Beer in hand as it was time to letch at The AFSC Pirates, I asked Lou where she got her pirate out fit and she said Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgos. I think the effort Sue and crew go to is champion and you all looked brilliant!

Blocky and I scrambled to sort an RV out, difficult task with most mobiles turned off and most
AFSC Members half cut but we managed to get a fair slice of us down to the Angle pub where we enjoyed the next couple of hours altogether and getting a super photo, shame we went all there coz this one was a keeper.

As the night drifted into the early hours of the morning we fragmented some what with some choosing to stay in the pubs whilst others headed off to the YSA do and the VFM do.

Sunday morning was all too quickly upon us and always my saddest time with tents being packed, thanks Lou and Viv!! Bish and I rode out with Ro stopping off for one more gut buster before waving goodbye to Whitby. Our journey back was at a sedate pace stopping off at the Hocum Hole, also known as the Devils Punch Bowl. We watched as a T5 struggled up the hill for the rider to dismount and push the struggling, and obviously over loaded vespa, up the hill.

This is for Ro, The Hole of Horcum 'is the product of intensive spring action and excavation of the Corallian rocks above the softer Oxford Clay' National Park Guide No4. Not very romantic but the scientific explanation.

We spotted Dia’s scooter outside a pub and joined them for tea. We waved bye bye to Ro as she had quite a distance still to ride then we joined Ian and Dia for the ride back stopping off at RV 2 for a cup of char and to help with the 12 X 12, this is the first time I had lost an erection in Ian’s garden!

Home and kit unpacked cup of Rosy Lee and time to reflect on The
AFSC Annual Thrash of 2008, was it successful? It was the best turn out we have ever had and we keep raising the bar every year! I have met some new friends and put faces to those whom I have corresponded with for so long on the net. Its always good to know we have some thing very special and I personally appreciate the effort made this weekend by all.

I’m now trying to scoop up all of the wonderful pictures taken over this magical weekend and if you have any just “Bucket” or “Book” them and I’ll sort it.

Yours Simon Cuerden
The Armed Forces Scooter Club

AFSC Annual thrash whitby 2008
  By Andy Cullen  

Club write ups are normally a personal insight into a particular rally, and the quality of the write up normally depends on who the writer attended the rally with.

This write up is no different and should be top banana if only because I attended the Whitby rally with Victor Meldrew. As those of us familiar with the "one foot in the grave" TV sitcom, Victor is a belligerent chap who is a top notch moaner and knows all the answers....to everything. So if you can guess the identity of the scooterist to be known as Victor...do let us know...no prizes though.

The Ride Up
Anyway...Us East Anglian boys had organised our own RV for the long haul north ( and long it turned out to be). starting in the deep south of gods chosen county of Essex (officially the driest county in England), we hauled our fat Saxon arses from Chelmsford via Saffron Walden hooking up with Rich and Daz, and moved up through Cambridge and Norfolk to Kings Lynn. Well that bit went virtually unscathed despite a heat seize 15 miles short of the RV. (On a Vespa) We made the RV 20 mins late and new alarm clocks being distributed as I write this to a couple of people. However, on arrival at Tesco we found that half of the Norfolk contingent was yet to arrive....that'll be those with the shorter journeys then...?? Fortunately Tony the Teach, Ro, Craig Leader and Spence were all on time and ready to move.

Spence made a number of calls to check the whereabouts of Uncle Fester and his mates whilst the rest of us fuelled up and breakfasted like the champions we are....Ginsters...mmmmmmmmmm. It appeared that young Truddy was engaged on breaking scooters and had therefore delayed the majority of the group. John Gray was attempting to sort this out, so when Evesy did eventually appear, we decided to leave the Logdumper to it and crack on. So our merry group numbering 10, we wended our merry way up the merry road.

Quite merry we were.

Well this lasted about 15 minutes when Evesy shot towards the front of the group and asked for a fuel stop.


So the first of numerous fuel stops ensued and a welcome break for those dirty 'orrible people who smoke (Guess who might just have given up).

I actually called Whitby an "Arse-wipe" of a place in Yorkshire. I'd like to change that. Lincolnshire is the Arse-wipe of the UK. What a flat, desolate and soulless place to ride through. And in my opinion, probably the wettest county in the UK, seeing as it was the only place I got rained on all weekend. (Slight exaggeration for journalistic purposes). Lincoln was on our route and we weaved our merry way (still reasonably merry) through the ancient cobbled streets( well they felt like they were cobbled) and cracked back on to the Humber Bridge.

ho ho ho the Humber Bridge. You may have seen a few of us southerners having a really good whinge about the toll on Scooterists at the Humber Bridge. So we had a plan. Rather Spence had a plan and it was a good one. We all lined up to pay. With £20 notes. Removing helmets and gloves. Turning scooters off. Putting them on stands...great fun. All the time the bloke in the toll kiosk got more pissed off. He wanted to know why Spence wouldn't pay for everyone, and then asked me the same question when I took my gloves off. I pointed out that I didn't know any of the folks behind me, despite the fact that they were all wearing distinctly similar club patches and high viz vests. He then started getting really pissed off. Hee hee hee.

Now there's not a lot funnier than a Yorkshire man who feels like he's losing money somewhere. Apart from our slowest rider going the wrong way or so we thought. That would have been really funny if he actually had. We'd met up with Goldy from Peterborough on his Gilera Fuoco. (Looks very much the way forward for long distance rallies) Goldy had managed to weave his way through the Hull traffic (why were we in Hull?) And then found our snail like friend. Ho hum. Oh Well. Goldy thought he was doing us a favour re-uniting us. He's such a lovely bloke that I didn't have the heart to tell him! Through Hull and on to the coast road to Bridlington. By this point we'd have about 14 fuel stops and shares in BP had risen on the LSE (that's the London Stock Exchange for you thick squaddie types), all basically caused by a petrol drinking Lambretta owned by Uncle Fester. Seriously, I kept checking behind me to see if we were now being followed by a fuel tanker specially for Evesy's scooter.

Now as we neared the coast, the sun came out and the surf was visible...we were merry again. On up to ScabBorough which is actually a really lovely place and has some good memories. And then on to possibly the best piece of scootering road this great (?) country of ours has to offer. The A165 from Scarborough to Whitby has to be some of the most fun I've ever had on 2 wheels. I was very much at the back of our group, but I saw the leaders split from the main group and gave chase.....wooo flipping hooooo! Dragging Evesy with me, complete with umbilical fuel hose attached to tanker...we shot off up this tremendous test of nerve and skill. After 20 minutes of pure adrenalin it was over too soon and we reached the outskirts of Whitby. We'd basically made it. Mileage totted up I had 276 on my clock and Antz had 291, living further South East than me. As the group split for camp sites and into town for the B&B group, we arranged to meet up later for the obligatory beers.

The Rally
Now there will be a bunch of other folks with different stories here. All of them have their own merits, so here's what we did. Friday night, went into town. did pub crawl. Met bundles of
AFSC folks. Had a very strange DIY doner Kebab, which was kindly Assembled for us by Lou. more about Lou's kebab later. Now despite a fair few people heading for the main rally do organised by VFM, there was a theory that we really couldn't be bothered to walk back up a bloody great hill to watch yet another Jam tribute band. Actually, I've previously seen "JamDRC" and I thought they were shite. But then we all know what I think of trib bands. The locals were friendly enough, the DJ was playing a total load of crap...bring out the Essex formation dancing
team! So we stayed in the New Angel Hotel till we couldn't drink another
Sambuca and/or Jack Daniels and headed home about 0330hrs.

Saturday morning dawned. Spence had had this really great idea of getting up early and watching England play some black shirted orks on steroids at Rugby. It was great on Friday night, but when alarms went off at 0730...it wasn't that great at all. Breakfast served by Tarquin in the B&B(small sausage only for me thanks mate) and head down the hill via Dave Simon who was looking less than the Face outside the B&B. The Rugby was shite and the stomach ache I was starting to experience wasn't too far away from that as well. But we met the other lads and wandered off to the parts fair after having a confirmatory call to Zero. The parts fair turned into an
AFSC meet and greet session as the camping group met the town group. Excellent. Great to see all of you, and sorry about the strange smell of shite pervading my arse. This called for a full unload and clear up. Parts fair toilets visited and back out....and back in again. and again. Three very bad trips to the khazi later I felt well enough to visit the custom show.! Now I don't normally get to excited but there were some very nice scoots on display at the show, and a couple of Vespa GTS's. huh? Always a little concerned when blokes have their photo's taken with someone else’s scooter...and today was no exception. parka clad hobby mods standing by street racers has me very worried, but hey, each to their own.

We made an arrangement for an RV in town later on and headed back to the B and B for a kip. lightweights indeed. Heading down town later it transpires that everyone who'd had a kebab the previous evening was experiencing similar problems with leaking arses and sufficient Imodium was purchased to alleviate the issue. albeit not before putting a serious dampener on the day for me personally, and nearly literally.

We headed for one of Whitby's finest eating establishment where Victor gave us his personal perspective on every single person walking past. I think he was quite surprised when the lady he referred to as "mutton" looked straight at him and sat on the table next to him. Quality. Whitby is a really nice place albeit full of some very fat drunken birds from Teesside. why do fat birds think they look good in crop tops? You don't see big fat blokes with skinheads in thongs do you?...oh actually yeah you do don't you... The RV for the evening was reached and very quickly the
AFSC, or what seemed to be a lot of the club had gathered and were partying like we can. Interesting conversation ensued between Bish and my mate who appeared to have been making up some very long stories. Bish thanks for pointing that out. I'll be having a word in my own very special way and shortly. I should all mention the AFSC ladies in their short skirts...oh no hold on...that was Blitz and Taffy.... The Girls arrived in Pirate Fancy dress. I don't get the fancy dress thing, but the effort made was astounding and you all looked very nice.

Great to see Smudge who had finally arrived from somewhere really nasty on a really nasty plane which crash landed in somewhere less nasty. As a side note, its pretty worrying when a bloke you regard as your mate is telling you how last week one of your other mates saved his life by shelling him with 155mm. Glad I left the army 10 years ago actually. Well done though lads, keep up the great work. It was also about this time when Terry the Taliban Seagull attempted to take revenge on those who had recently been shooting up his mates. Responding with thermo nuclear fish smelling shite, he unfortunately missed his real target and took out the Blockster, a known pacifist, opponent of the Afghan incursion and holier than thou in all things. What a cnut. Fish smelling shit on my fcuking head. Lucky? you can fcuk right off lucky.

AFSC group photo was taken in the Harbour at Whitby and I look forward to seeing those in Scootering's "show us yours" section. If we weren't the best turned out club, the winners of that must have been "Fat Drunk Birds from Teesside SC", with some hot competition from "Laura the ugly bride's Hen night SC". I know a lot of the lads decided to visit the VFM do, but the long return journey was playing on my mind a little and we hit the sack about 0130. bloody lightweights. We also had a monster discussion on start times which Victor wanted put back so he could have his breakfast before we left, as
he'd paid for it. So 0815 it was. I'd have actually liked to leave
earlier but....oh no...Breakfast had been paid for. And Victor had chained our scoots up!


The Ride Home
So when we were leaving and Tarquin was trying to ready Victor for a large sausage input...he went and got on his scooter and went without eating it. The poor landlord's face was a picture. But anyway, we rounded up our merry band of East Anglian's. Hooked up Fester's Tanker hose and headed Sarf...... We had the bonus of that tremendous piece of road, so the ride home started with a bit of a rush...Fantastic. We made it through Scarborough but Tony needed some juice. After taking a detour to TESCO’s that didn't have any petrol (not because of the strike, it hasn't bloody got any at any time
Blocky!!!) we continued on but found we'd lost Tony and Rich. a phone call later and it wasn't Tony running dry but Rich breaking down...on a Vespa. Truddy bought up the support Van and in the back went Rich and P Range.... Now on the way home and due to the perceived absence of our slowest rider, we cracked on, averaging 60 mph throughout Yorkshire. I think we probably enjoyed that. I also managed to avoid the total khazi that is the city of Hull and hit the Humber Bridge directly, saving about an hour in time. Now we were about to repeat our previous protest when we all realised that the young lady in the kiosk was totally gorgeous and just paid up with the correct money. Note To Humber Bridge authority: In order to prevent confrontation with Tight Southern Scooterists who don't expect to pay for the privilege of being in fcuking Yorkshire, please staff all your toll booths with lovely young ladies.

Back into Lincs and it started raining almost immediately in that flat and desolate place, inhabited only by the dog fiddlers of the RAF....only Joking. and Mik Boon. At Lincoln we stopped for further petroleum. Fuel Stop number 24, and bite to eat in the Tesco's that did have fuel. We also attempted to be extremely friendly and offer advice to young ladies about tire pressure. Talking of Tire Pressure, Victor would like to point out that despite everybody else putting 24-6psi in the front tire and between 32-36 in the rear, his numbers of 17 and 22 are actually right and we are all wrong. A fair point that he ain't lugging 16 stone though....Give him that for sure...

A further high speed run to Sleaford followed where the Essex contingent minus Rich and Daz split from the Norfolk group. Goodbyes said and further piss taking finished, we headed our way home via the A15 (great piece of road between Sleaford and P'boro lads!!!), followed by further high speed runs down there A1/A14 and finally M11. I lost Antz with a heat seize and blown engine at the end of the A1/A14 junction and finished up doing the last 50 on my own after losing Bailey at the end of the A14. No loss you may say...

So finally made it home just after 1700. In one piece and with a feeling of cheer that I'd made it in one bit. A terrific crack for sure, great to see so many people and enjoy their company. Particular thanks to Spence Wakelam for his hard work in getting us there and back, and also for making me laugh most of the weekend. I have to thank Evesy for the same, great sense of humour and you don't half make me look good mate...to the rest of the Anglian mob, Tony the Teach (top man), Rich B, Daz, Craig, Truddy, John, and Roann for adding a welcome bit of feminine charm to that group. Thanks folks loved your company and yer all good people. Lastly to my mate Antz for blowing up and leaving me as the furthest travelled! lol.

Andy Cullen
AFSC Annual thrash whitby 2008
  By Roann Leatz USAF  
Personal note: This rally turned out to be a well decided challenge for me. First the distance was something I'd never attempted on my scoot before. Second, I had never been further North. I've found a few things about the AFSC that I cannot compare to any other organization I've ever been in. From Girl Scouts when I was a child, sports teams and science club later in life, something didn't click. Even being an Active Duty member of the United States Air Force for the last 9+ years has left something lacking that this group brings out in people. No, no I'm not talking about the ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol in a single gulp, flash bits of naked flesh among friends, or the ability to turn an arcade into a crime scene. No I think the thing that the AFSC does better that anybody on the planet is DOMINATE the scooter scene. Now I know I'm not the most experienced scooterist by any means, but I've noticed an envy of sorts among non-AFSC ralliers. Jealousy even. I just think we have a fantastic sense of what it means to work hard, play hard, and keep family first. I'm proud to be part of the AFSC! It's the best family of scooterist (and Military) on the planet!

Now - onto the rest of this biz.
Well as the rally approached I was in Florida on a temporary duty assignment (TDY) and I began to wonder ' how the heck am I gonna find this place.' I looked @ the list of folks going and didn't know who to ask about tagging along on the arduous trek. Then just my luck Blocky sent me an e-mail w/ info on a RV in King's Lynn. 'SWEET!' I thought as I prepped my mind for the adventure.
On Friday morning I woke up much earlier than I would have, but my excitement could not be contained. I finished the last of my packing up, dropped the dog w/ the neighbours and met up in King's Lynn. Meeting Spence, Teach and a few others was a nice start to the hello's I was soon to enjoy up in Whitby.
After chilling rain, a few dry patches, and a finale run through the countryside near Robin Hood's Bay we had arrived in Whitby to great relief. The sun was shining bright and I had forgotten what country I lived in. Arriving @ the camp was a treat. After being flagged down, the hugs and kisses started flowing so quick. I felt more a part of the group now more than ever. A celebratory arrival beer started things off nicely.
The first trip downtown was enjoyable. The history that surrounds Whitby is vast and deep. Arriving @ the New Angel pub and looking @ The Turk ship and the fishing/crab pots all around I was curious. But then I became overwhelmingly hungry and was told to look for little old ladies - as they would lead to the best CHIPIE in town.
After no luck finding a place open after 9pm for chow our trek ended leading up the twisted path, through the whale bones and searching for the venue. After more steps and 6 quid we entered. The snack bar was just as crappy as I thought it would be, but it was still kinda cheap. You get what you pay for. Now the drinks on the other hand as I'm sure we can all agree were astronomically priced. Never quitters, we persevered in the task of alcoholic consumption.
The band played, people danced and from what I hear the Northern Soul room was quite good. I wouldn't know as I sat and chatted w/ folks all night near the smokers lounge outside. Caught up w/ more people (Germany gang - Dave, Andy, John, Dave Simon), and met AFSC members that I had not before.
The night went on casually, same as the day did and the campsite was alive w/ chatter and music upon my return w/ Mik and Sue Boon. I was a bit peckish, but decided to pass on another boiled meat patty w/ cheese and had a snack from my MRE. A swig of whiskey and an aspirin and I was in bed. (NOTE: Want a better night sleep? Take ear plugs to avoid having to listen to chainsaws and bush hogs all night long.)

Saturday morning was a beautiful sunny delight for me. And I was even happier to learn that we were going to do a ride out for breakfast. There was great motivation from the club on this and a record number of folks joined in the fun to arrive @ Victoria Farm Cafe. You will all be proud of my delight in the black pudding served that morning. The auction that ensued for remaining breakfast items was a sure hit among the lot of us.
Very entertaining. Then straight to the venue for the parts fair and custom show. After a triumphant ride into town, a few detours, and direction changes, the parade route ended @ the parking lot where I'd say 100-150 rides were parked. It was nice overlooking the water w/ the scoots in the foreground. The gleam and shine of chrome and paint and of course the lovely smell of 2-stroke mixed w/ the ocean breeze to make an intoxicating brew. It was a moment, and it was mine.
Parts show was small and varied, but then again I have only been to a couple. I find myself wondering, what the heck is all this stuff for? All the parts and bits of things to go on this and that. Made me think of what additions would be worth making on my LXV. I guess that's the point though. So I bought a mud flap/spray guard and felt I had accomplished my task.
After a quick run through the customs, and an interview w/ Dave for his radio show (Oh Boy), the two of us decided to share each others company on a ride out to Robin Hood's Bay.
I wanted to see the area and it's sights, and Dave was kind enough to come along. After a treacherous but short downhill walk to the waters edge and a drink from a local pub we talked finally endeavoured on the uphill challenge of the trek. Sore legs and shortness of breath were all washed away once at the top after looking back over the bay and it's secrets.
Then it was onto Whitby Abbey for me, as Dave had to go do more interviews @ the campsite. I've always loved architecture, especially in Cathedrals, so this was a treat even in it's dilapidated state. Moreover, I was giddy to learn that this is where Bram Stoker gained inspiration for his Dracula masterpiece. The story of Stoker coming to Whitby as a writer in retreat was common, but what he witnessed one night was the chilling start to his most famous work of fiction. Apparently he was on holiday for 3 weeks and was staying in a hotel near the water when one night he noticed a Russian ship wondering precariously into the harbour.
The ship run aground and there was a large black dog that jumped from the ship and ran straight to the Abbey. There were no other survivors on the ship - and the story began. I spent 2 hours on the grounds. I wondered a couple times if I was missing anything back @ camp, but the truth is, I was happy to have the free time to explore. Tired, hungry, and a bit anxious about the night - I headed back to camp for a hot MRE meal.
Met a few late arrivals and got a copy of the rally CD from Gaz the Nome. Great tunes! Provided Bish an extra heater to be used as an MRE bomb (which was anti-climatic), and shared some pineapple pound cake w/ some curious peeps.
An 8 o'clock show in Pirate garb was the next highlight. The girls looked great and the pirate jokes kept me rolling in laughter. Downtown the costumes and theme continued w/ the Stag and Hen do's. The townsfolk must have though something crazy was going on. In all the commotion, there were, playboy bunnies, pink ladies, guys dressed as naked ladies, 2 stag groups, and of course, us pirate ladies.
The photo shoot in front of The TURK was fab and it really goes to show the wonderful variety that makes this group so powerful and envious to others. After chatting w/ Taffy and Bluey, Bish and others we headed for a drink @ the Angel once again.
Gaz the Nome introduced me to my first ever Cheeky Vim-Toe and I drank them the rest of the night. Fab drink GAZ, thanks! As the bull came online @ the Angel the pirate gals all headed out to the Dolphin pub across the bridge. (that's where the playboy bunnies were). There was also a stag do and I took many photos w/ the group, but had to fight off a lot of drunken kissing. Jeepers.
Due to lack of space to accommodate more @ the non-VFM venue, a group of us headed over to the seaside pavilion once again for 6 quid and crap food. The band was finished and SKA was mixing upstairs. I danced my little pirate heart out and Bish joined in like a trooper.
I didn't mind the state of things as I was already blitzed!!! Those damn cheeky drinks - whew. 12 then 1 then 2am and it was time to rally back @ the campsite for a night cap. As the sun began to hint below the horizon I settled in for the night. Earplugs in place once again to keep the snoring @ bay.
After declining the 8am departure from Blocky and the original group I'd set out with, logistics were a bit worrisome for me. But again the AFSC family took care of me and a plan was set. Another gorgeous morning w/ a couple sprinkles led us to start our goodbyes and farewells.
Final checks on our scoots and fuel too. The farewell breakfast @ the cafe had a special feel to it. A quiet closure to the easy going weekend. I passed on the black pudding and had scrambled eggs on toast instead. As I rode out w/ Bish and Si I felt proud of the weekend and the company I'd kept throughout. We stopped for a quick break @ Hole of Horcum. I said to myself 'well, what the heck is this' Thanks for the info Si.
 I travelled on and ended up finding Craig and Kathleen replacing an inner tube due to a drill bit gone all the way through. There is a pic of it here somewhere. Splitting of from Si and Bish left me on my own cruising as fast as my little LXV would go - about 60-65!! I stopped @ services near the A1/M1 and caught up w/ Uggy, Jeanette, Simon, the Dent's, Daz and Raine. After travelling on for the next few hours it was finally time to make my departure onto the A47.
I waved and sighed. it was a sad moment as the experience and adventure of the weekend was nearly gone.
I stopped one last time on my own and thought about this weekend.
It wasn't the most outrageous or drunken or dramatic. It was an interesting area w/ an easy going feel about it. The club was bonded and the rides were stellar - to and from Whitby. The acquaintances that became friends, the new faces that became family were all a part of this magical weekend.
My favourite event to date with this fantastic organization - the most rewarding and fulfilling trip of my short scooterist life. Thanks to all of you for making my serving here the most memorable!

Roann Rose Leatz
USAF, Loadmaster, MC-130H Talon II
352 Operational Support Squadron and 7 Special Operations Squadron
RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk

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 then copy YO21 1TL into the "TO" box,
hit "GO" and you will get a map of the route to the AFSC Annual Thrash


the VFM Official camp site is
Broadings Farm, Guisborough Rd, Whitby, N.Yorks YO21 1TL
Simon Cuerden RV S35 7AN
Ian Botham FRV YO32 5SG


Ground in general Simon Cuerden RV S35 7AN Ian Botham FRV YO32 5SG

   d.        Task Org                   -    Ian Botham FRV York

                                        -    Bish (Comms Plan)

                                        -    Bagzy (Recce ride out to café)

                                        -    Daz The Dog (ic Mech assist)


1.             SITUATION 

En Forces

Friendly Forces




2.             MISSION   The AFSC are to meet up at Whitby Scooter Rally for 2008.


3.             EXECUTION


a.       Concept of Ops.   


(1)                To mirror Mersea and to giggle as much as we did last year.

 (2)                Scheme of Manoeuvre  On Thursday Ian Botham and Simon Cuerden have opened their homes respectively in order for far travelling AFSC Members to RV prior to the last short leg to Whitby on the Friday. All are invited please let us know your intentions ASAP.

There will be two main RV points in the North of England RV 1 at Simon Cuerdens and the FRV at Ian Botham house.

It is my intention to make the FRV at 1400hrs on Friday then riding onto Whitby for 1600hrs.

The location will be secured and the tents erected (there are BnB's, scroll down for further info) followed by a shower in a can, the AFSC girls are to apply make up at this point, Bish it to check make up the AFSC male members are to change into official AFSC drinking kilts. The swamping and falling over will commence. Saturday morning we will ride into Whitby town centre for breakfast. Return for a ride out, scoff then the night do, kip then Sunday breakers for those brave enough. Farewells, hugs n stuff then ride home. Bish is to wear under pants at all times.


3) Outline of Phases.   This will be a 6 phase operation:

PHASE 1      FRV Ian Botham's at York 1400hrs on Friday

PHASE 2      Ride on mass into the run site Whitby for 1600hrs

PHASE 3      Take over an area for the AFSC tents (there are BnB's, scroll down for further info)

PHASE 4      Friday night drinking and swamping comp

PHASE 5      Saturday ride out for breakfast

PHASE 6      Saturday afternoon rehearsal for evening drinking and swamping comp

PHASE 4      Saturday drinking and swamping comp

PHASE 5      Sunday ride out for breakfast

PHASE 6      Sunday farewells

 c.             Phases



RV Location

FRV Location


Make sure you sort ya scoot out, map up n charge your mobile.
15 Crane Moor Nook
S35 7AN
41 Strensall Park
YO32 5SG
Arrive 1400hrs
Depart 1430hrs



Recce Gp

TBC I need some one to recce café for the Saturday

FRV Protection Gp

Drinking party as per normal drills



Veh Separated

Veh Lost

Veh breakdown

Daz The Dog   07743367309


c.       Coord Instrs.




1700hrs RV

Been doing it all year

P Info/Media

Bish to do write up Dave Rappo and Alice are photos and write ups as per normal drills but if any one fancies doing more then please do


d.       Summary.

Do your best to get to the RV, we will wait if you ring and have a problem. The mission is quite simple and that is to have a good old thrash with some like minded people who work hard and play hard.

4.             SERVICE SUPPORT




Dress DPM kilts and colours as per SD Drills.









If we can fix your broken scooter then we will, there are enough spanner ninjas but please remember to keep them well lubricated


5.             COMMAND AND SIGNAL




This will be updated as soon as you send in your mobile

IC Comms    07956 070298
Simon Cuerden  07877333236
Dave Rappo       07930 250295
Dai                     07748 370365
Taffy Roberts     0770 933 9375 - 0783 763 5486
Bluey                 0770 933 9302
Spud Slater       07739884992
murph                07976464168
Ian Botham        07846 819571
Dinger                07747737553
Blocky                07968 219341
Carl/Tanky          07736050914
Joey                   07799585426
Sapperbaz          07766720572
Paz                     07856446497
Bish                   07976113284
Uggy n Jeanette 07920282462
Daz The Dog       07743367309
CRAIG BLITZ      07746051225
Cloud9sue            07999201263
Dave Day Release 07725520491
Dave B                0770 2875291
Rex Shafee         07913428892
ROANN               07825201799
lee                      07787982609
Sue Boon           07824515344
Rob McLauchlan 07803 619816
Roann Leatz       07852513021